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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Oct-2020Atomic Ordering at the Liquid-Al/MgAl2O4 Interfaces from Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics SimulationsFang, CM; Fan, Z
2018Effect of Substrate Chemistry on PrenucleationFang, CM; Men, H; Fan, Z
2016Emerging New Pseudobinary and Ternary Halides as Scintillators for Radiation DetectionKang, B; Feng, Q; Summers, C; Fang, CM; Adhikari, R; Biswas, K
2016Formation, structure and magnetism of the γ-(Fe,M)23C6 (M = Cr, Ni) phases: A first-principles studyFang, CM; van Huis, MA; Sluiter, MHF
11-Jan-2019Intrinsic defects in and electronic properties of θ-Al13Fe4: an ab initio DFT studyFang, CM; Dinsdale, A; Que, ZP; Fan, Z
29-Jun-2016A multi-nuclear magnetic resonance and density functional theory investigation of epitaxially grown InGaP 2Knijn, PJ; van Bentum, PJM; Fang, CM; Bauhuis, GJ; de Wijs, GA; Kentgens, APM
9-Dec-2019Prenucleation at the Interface Between MgO and Liquid Magnesium: An Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics StudyFang, CM; Fan, Z
24-Aug-2020Si solution in θ-Al13Fe4 from first-principlesFang, CM; Que, ZP; Dinsdale, A; Fan, Z
2016Stability and geometry of silica nano-ribbons (SNRs): a first-principles studyFang, CM; van Blaaderen, A; van Huis, MA
2017Thermal quenching of Eu2+ emission in Ca- and Sr-Ga2S4 in relation with VRBE schemesDobrowolska, A; Dierre, B; Fang, CM; Hintzen, HT; Dorenbos, P
23-Apr-2019Thermal stability and electronic and magnetic properties of atomically thin 2D transition metal oxidesvan Gog, H; Li, W-F; Fang, CM; Koster, RS; Dijkstra, M; van Huis, MA