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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Abortion attitudes across cultural contexts: Exploring the role of gender inequality, abortion policy, and individual valuesAdair, LE; Lozano, N; Ferenczi, N
2017Are sex differences in antisocial and prosocial Facebook use explained by narcissism and relational self-construal?Ferenczi, N; Marshall, TC; Bejanyan, K
2015Associations of collectivism with relationship commitment, passion, and mate selection: opposing roles of parental influence and family allocentrismBejanyan, K; Marshall, T; Ferenczi, N
2016Associations of insecure attachment with extreme pro-group actions: The mediating role of perceived marginalizationFerenczi, N; Marshall, T; Lefringhausen, K; Bejanyan, K
16-Sep-2013Attachment styles and personal growth following romantic breakups: The mediating roles of distress, rumination, and tendency to reboundMarshall, T; Bejanyan, K; Ferenczi, N
2015The Big Five, Self-Esteem, and Narcissism as Predictors of the Topics People Write About in Facebook Status UpdatesMarshall, TC; Lefringhausen, K; Ferenczi, N
2015The Big Five, Self-Esteem, and Narcissism as Predictors of the Topics People Write About in Facebook Status UpdatesMarshall, TC; Lefringhausen, K; Ferenczi, N
1-Jun-2021Cultural Drivers of Radicalisation in the UKFerenczi, N; Ozduzen, O; Holmes, I; Liu, K
23-Feb-2023Cultural variation in relationship maintenanceAdair, L; Ferenczi, N
2013Exploring attachment to the "homeland" and its association with heritage culture identificationFerenczi, N; Marshall, T
2018Intellectual, narcissistic, or Machiavellian? How Twitter users differ from Facebook-only users, why they use Twitter, and what they tweet aboutMarshall, TC; Ferenczi, N; Lefringhausen, K; Hill, S; Deng, J
22-Jan-2024Into the purple ocean: The formation and dynamics of a transcultural fandom as a result of cultural diffusion through K-popNewton, D; Ferenczi, N
16-Nov-2023‘Let us teach our children’: Online racism and everyday far-right ideologies on TikTokOzduzen, O; Ferenczi, N; Holmes, I
-Linking recent discrimination-related experiences and wellbeing via social cohesion and resilienceFlorez, E; Cohen, K; Ferenczi, N; Linnell, K; Lloyd, J; Goddard, L; Kumashiro, M; Freeman, J
13-May-2022Majority members’ acculturation: How proximal-acculturation relates to expectations of immigrants and intergroup ideologies over timeLefringhausen, K; Marshall, TC; Ferenczi, N; Zagefka, H; Kunst, JR
2-May-2022"Medicine is still against Black people": Mapping and visualising intersections of social inequalities, community mistrust, and vaccine hesitancy in online and physical spaces in the UK and USAslan Ozgul, B; Ozduzen, O; Ferenczi, N; Karduni, A; Ianosev, B; Dou, W; Adams, M; Fratczak, M
2016Meeting the Expectations of Your Heritage Culture: Links between Attachment Style, Intragroup Marginalisation, and Psychological AdjustmentFerenczi, N; Marshall, T
2015Mental health literacy: a cross-cultural approach to knowledge and beliefs about depression, schizophrenia and generalized anxiety disorderAltweck, L; Marshall, TC; Ferenczi, N; Lefringhausen, K
12-Oct-2022Misinformation and Trusted VoicesOzduzen, O; Aslan Ozgul, B; Ferenczi, N
17-Mar-2021A new route towards more harmonious intergroup relationships in England? Majority members’ proximal-acculturationLefringhausen, K; Ferenczi, N; Marshall, TC; Kunst, JR