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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of exercise referral schemes: A systematic review and economic evaluationPavey, TG; Anokye, N; Taylor, AH; Trueman, P; Moxham, T; Fox, KR; Hillsdon, M; Green, C; Campbell, JL; Foster, C; Mutrie, N; Searle, J; Taylor, RS
2013Critical research gaps and translational priorities for the successful prevention and treatment of breast cancerEccles, SA; Aboagye, EO; Ali, S; Anderson, AS; Armes, J; Berditchevski, F; Blaydes, JP; Blaydes, JP; Brennan, K; Brown, NJ; Bryant, HE; Bundred, NJ; Burchell, JM; Campbell, AM; Carroll, JS; Clarke, RB; Coles, CE; Cook, GJR; Cox, A; Curtin, NJ; Dekker, LV; Silva, IS; Duffy, SW; Easton, DF; Eccles, DM; Edwards, DR; Edwards, J; Evans, DG; Fenlon, DF; Flanagan, JM; Foster, C; Gallagher, WM; Garcia-Closas, M; Gee, JMW; Gescher, AJ; Goh, V; Groves, AM; Harvey, AJ; Harvie, M; Hennessy, BT; Hiscox, S; Holen, I; Howell, SJ; Howell, A; Hubbard, G; Hulbert-Williams, N; Hunter, MS; Jasani, B; Jones, LJ; Key, TJ; Kirwan, CC; Kong, A; Kunkler, IH; Langdon, SP; Leach, MO; Mann, DJ; Marshall, JF; Martin, LA; Martin, SG; Macdougall, JE; Miles, DW; Miller, WR; Morris, JR; Moss, SM; Mullan, P; Natrajan, R; O’Connor, JPB; O’Connor, R; Palmieri, C; Pharoah, PDP; Rakha, EA; Reed, E; Robinson, SP; Sahai, E; Saxton, JM; Schmid, P; Smalley, MJ; Speirs, V; Stein, R; Stingl, J; Streuli, CH; Tutt, ANJ; Velikova, G; Walker, RA; Watson, CJ; Williams, KJ; Young, LS; Thompson, AM
2011Effect of exercise referral schemes in primary care on physical activity and improving health outcomes: Systematic review and meta-analysisPavey, TG; Taylor, AH; Fox, KR; Hillsdon, M; Anokye, NK; Campbell, JL; Foster, C; Green, C; Moxham, T; Mutrie, N; Searle, J; Trueman, P; Taylor, RS
2-Nov-2016A ′microsimulation′ model for assessing the cost effectiveness of physical activity interventionsAnokye, N; Anagnostou, A; Lord, J; Taylor, S; Vali, Y; Foster, C; Whincup, P; Jefferis, B; Fox-Rushby, J