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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-May-2023Co-creating sociotechnical visions for a circular metal economy transition in the UKFranconi, A; Ceschin, F; Godsell, J; Harrison, D; Mate, O-A; Konteh, T
13-Jul-2022Decentralised passive water harvesting. A possible solution for a water paradigm shift in urban areasFranconi, A; Reich, J
31-May-2023Defining alternative recovery strategies for reuse: An analysis of multiple case studies under the reuse umbrellaFranconi, A; Ceschin, F; Terzioglu, N; Corsini, L; Ghoreishi, M
29-Jul-2022Structuring Circular Objectives and Design Strategies for the Circular Economy: A Multi-Hierarchical Theoretical FrameworkFranconi, A; Ceschin, F; Peck, D
31-May-2023Towards a shared design research agenda for reusable packaging systemsBradley, CG; TerziogluTerzioglu, N; Franconi, A; Wilson, GT; Clark, N; Greenwood, SC; Fleet, K; Salvia, G; Ceschin, F; Iacovidou, E; Corsini, L