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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Alternative Imaging Modalities in Ischemic Heart Failure (AIMI-HF) IMAGE HF project I-A: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trialO'Meara, E; Mielniczuk, LM; Wells, GA; deKemp, RA; Klein, R; Coyle, D; Mc Ardle, B; Paterson, I; White, JA; Arnold, M; Friedrich, MG; Larose, E; Dick, A; Chow, B; Dennie, C; Haddad, H; Ruddy, T; Ukkonen, H; Wisenberg, G; Cantin, B; Pibarot, P; Freeman, M; Turcotte, E; Connelly, K; Clarke, J; Williams, K; Racine, N; Garrard, L; Tardif, J-C; DaSilva, J; Knuuti, J; Beanlands, R
2008Real-time human action recognition on an embedded, reconfigurable video processing architectureMeng, H; Freeman, M; Pears, N; Bailey, C