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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Sep-2022Competition for Nucleation and Grain Initiation during SolidificationGao, F; Fan, Z
2013Effect of iron on the microstructure and mechanical property of Al-Mg-Si-Mn and Al-Mg-Si diecast alloysJi, S; Yang, W; Gao, F; Watson, D; Fan, Z
1-Jan-2022Effect of Nucleant Particle Agglomeration on Grain SizeGao, F; Fan, Z
31-Jul-2021Effect of Surface Oxides on the Melting and Solidification of 316L Stainless Steel Powder for Additive ManufacturingYang, X; Gao, F; Tang, F; Hao, X; Li, Z
7-Aug-2019Effects of Superheat and Solute Additions on the Grain Size in Binary Copper Alloys.Balart, M; Gao, F; Patel, J; Miani, F
2015Formation and sedimentation of Fe-rich intermetallics in Al−Si−Cu−Fe alloyJi, S; Yang, W; Gao, F
2016Grain refinement of deoxidized copperBalart, MJ; Patel, JB; Gao, F; Fan, Z
10-Jun-2020Impeding Nucleation for More Significant Grain RefinementFan, Z; Gao, F; Jiang, B; Que, Z
1-Oct-2014Microstructure evolution in melt conditioned direct chill (MC-DC) casting of Fe-rich al-alloyKotadia, HR; Patel, JB; Li, HT; Gao, F; Fan, Z
21-Apr-2018A new concept for growth restriction during solidificationFan, Z; Gao, F; Zhou, L; Lu, SZ
6-Nov-2020On the Role of Dilute Solute Additions on Growth Restriction in Binary Copper AlloysBalart, M; Gao, F; Patel, J; Miani, F
2017A Phase-field Study of Grain Refinement: Role of Number Density of Inoculant ParticlesGao, F; Assadi, H; Fan, Z
29-Jun-2017Refinement of eutectic microstructure in quaternary Al-Cu-Si-Mg alloysCai, Q; Fan, Z; Zhu, X; Zhang, Y; Gao, F; Chang, I
2016Thermodynamics Calculation of Extra Mn Addition in the Recycling of Al-Si-Cu Aluminium AlloysJi, S; Gao, F; Fan, Z