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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A 4D printing communication framework for designers and engineersAzhar, Faten Ezrin
2009Adaptive, reliable, and accurate positioning model for location-based servicesAL Nabhan, Mohammad Mousa
24-Feb-2021Building Subjective Opinions on Amateur Football Player 1 Step Kicks by Analyzing Ankle BiomechanicsAroganam, G; Manivannan, N; Harrison, D; Garaj, V
2010Client-server-based LBS architecture: A novel positioning module for improved positioning performanceAl-Nabhan, M; Al-Masri, S; Garaj, V; Balachandran, W; Hunaiti, Z
1-Jun-2022Co-Innovate @ Brunel: Design Innovation Support as a Driver of Business CapacityGaraj, V
2014Consumer attitudes toward online shopping: An exploratory study from JordanNabot, A; Garaj, V; Balachandran, W
2023Design for social enterprises: How to form a design–innovation ecosystem for social enterprisesKwon, H; Choi, Y; Lam, B; Garaj, V
2023Design of performance data through wearable technology for ankle movement upon football shotsAroganam, Gobinath
Jun-2020Developing a High Chair to Meet the Needs of Infants with Achondroplasia: A Collaboration Between Evelina London Children's Hospital and Brunel UniversityMassey, J; Phillips, K; Lawrence, J; Davies, A; Harris, L; Cocca, A; Spinelli, G; Garaj, V; Irving, M; Cheung, M
2014Effective, efficient and reliable postcode alternative system in the context of online shopping for solving the problem of home delivery service in JordanNabot, Ahmad
8-Sep-2022Embedding Immersive Technologies into Product Design Education: Students' Awareness of Virtual Reality as a Tool to Support the Development of Design SolutionsAL Jahwari, L; Garaj, V; Harrison, D
25-Jul-2023Envisioning the future of virtual production in filmmaking: A remote co-design studyBodini, A; Manohar, A; Colecchia, F; Harrison, D; Garaj, V
2012Evaluation of eGovernment websites usability in JordanAlFawwaz, Badar Methqal
2014An Exploratory Study of Government Websites Usability in JordanAl Fawwaz, BM; Garaj, V; Balachandran, W
2023Filmmaking of the future: A co-design-led investigation into the potential of immersive technologies to enhance the small and medium audiovisual production processesBodini, Aimone
7-Sep-2022Flourishing the Biophilic Workplaces: A Co-Design ToolkitAl-Dmour, Y; Garaj, V
2023Flourishing the indoor environment quality of workplaces using the biophilic architectural designAl-Dmour, Youmna
2024How immersive and interactive technologies affect the user experience and cultural exchange in the museum and gallery sectorKwon, H; Choi, Y; Min, H; Garaj, V; Lam, B; Wang, W; Zhao, X
2019Improving Reproducibility whilst Maintaining Accuracy in Function Point AnalysisFreitas Jr, M; Fantinato, M; Sun, V; Thom, L; Garaj, V
16-Apr-2023In the eye of the flourish wheel: an assessment of users’ health, well-being and productivity in university research roomsGaraj, V; Al-Dmour, Y; Al-Qaralleh, H