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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-20213D printable lightweight cementitious composites with incorporated waste glass aggregates and expanded microspheres – Rheological, thermal and mechanical propertiesCuevas, K; Chougan, M; Martin, F; Ghaffar, SH; Stephan, D; Sikora, P
19-Apr-20233D printing of limestone-calcined clay cement: A review of its potential implementation in the construction industryAl-Noaimat, YA; Chougan, M; Al-kheetan, MJ; Al-Mandhari, O; Al-Saidi, W; Al-Maqbali, M; Al-Hosni, H; Ghaffar, SH
20183D Printing Set to Transform the Construction IndustryGhaffar, SH
30-Jul-2023Additive Manufacturing and the Construction IndustryChougan, M; Al-Kheetan, MJ; Ghaffar, SH
2018Additive manufacturing technology and its implementation in construction as an eco-innovative solutionGhaffar, SH; Corker, J; Fan, M
20-Nov-2023Alkali activated materials with recycled unplasticised polyvinyl chloride aggregates for sand replacementEl-Seidy, E; Sambucci, M; Chougan, M; AI-Noaimat, YA; Al-Kheetan, MJ; Biblioteca, I; Valente, M; Ghaffar, SH
9-Feb-2022Boosting Portland cement-free composite performance via alkali-activation and reinforcement with pre-treated functionalised wheat strawChougan, M; Ghaffar, SH; Sikora, P; Mijowska, E; Kukułka, W; Stephan, D
1-Apr-2023Composite alkali-activated materials with waste tire rubber designed for additive manufacturing: an eco-sustainable and energy saving approachValente, M; Sambucci, M; Chougan, M; Ghaffar, SH
24-Nov-2022Comprehensive investigation of recycled waste glass in concrete using silane treatment for performance improvementAl-Awabdeh, FW; Al-Kheetan, MJ; Jweihan, YS; Al-Hamaiedeh, H; Ghaffar, SH
3-Mar-2020Comprehensive Investigation of the Long-term Performance of Internally Integrated Concrete Pavement with Sodium AcetateAl-Kheetan, MJ; Rahman, MM; Ghaffar, SH; Al-Tarawneh, M; Jweihan, YS
15-Dec-2021Corrigendum to “Processes and materials used for direct writing technologies: A review” [Results in Engineering (2021) 11, 100,257] (Results in Engineering (2021) 11, (S259012302100058X), (10.1016/j.rineng.2021.100257))Balani, SB; Ghaffar, SH; Chougan, M; Pei, E; Şahin, E
17-May-2022Critical evaluation of date palm sheath fibre characteristics as a reinforcement for developing sustainable cementitious composites from waste materialsAwad, S; Ghaffar, SH; Hamouda, T; Midani, M; Katsou, E; Fan, M
18-Oct-2017Detailed Analysis of Wheat Straw Node and Internode for their Prospective Efficient UtilisationGhaffar, SH; Fan, M; Zhou, Y; Madyan, OA
3-Mar-2020Development of highly efficient, renewable and durable alginate composite aerogels for oil/water separationZhuang, J; Dai, J; Ghaffar, SH; Yu, Y; Tian, Q; Fan, M
26-Sep-2019Development of low absorption and high-resistant sodium acetate concrete for severe environmental conditionsAl-Kheetan, MJ; Ghaffar, SH; Madyan, OA; Rahman, MM
28-Apr-2020Effective extrusion-based 3D printing system design for cementitious-based materialsAlbar, A; Chougan, M; Al-Kheetan, MJ; Swash, MR; Ghaffar, SH
27-Feb-2021The effects of nano- and micro-sized additives on 3D printable cementitious and alkali-activated composites: a reviewSikora, P; Chougan, M; Cuevas, K; Liebscher, M; Mechtcherine, V; Ghaffar, SH; Liard, M; Lootens, D; Krivenko, P; Sanytsky, M; Stephan, D
12-Oct-2020The effects of Nano-Fe2O3 on the mechanical, physical and microstructure of cementitious compositesNajafi Kani, E; Rafiean, AH; Alishah, A; Hojjati Astani, S; Ghaffar, SH
20-Aug-2023Enhanced Compatibility of Secondary Waste Carbon Fibers through Surface Activation via Nanoceramic Coating in Fiber-Reinforced Cement MortarsSambucci, M; Valente, M; Nouri, SM; Chougan, M; Ghaffar, SH
2-Dec-2021Extra-low dosage graphene oxide cementitious nanocomposites: A nano-to macroscale approachChougan, M; Lamastra, FR; Bolli, E; Caschera, D; Kaciulis, S; Mazzuca, C; Montesperelli, G; Ghaffar, SH; Al-Kheetan, MJ; Bianco, A