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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Absorbed power of small childrenGiacomin, J
2019Affective scenarios in automotive design: a human-centred approach towards understanding of emotional experienceCha, Kyungjoo
2000An algorithm for mildly nonstationary mission synthesis (MNMS)Giacomin, J; Steinwolf, A; Staszewski, W J
2003Analysis of variations in diesel engine idle vibrationAjovalasit, M; Giacomin, J
2004Apparent mass of small children: Experimental measurementsGiacomin, J
2007Apparent mass of small children: ModellingGiacomin, J
2018Automotive emotions: a human-centred approach towards the measurement and understanding of drivers' emotions and their triggersWeber, Marlene
1-Mar-2022Automotive Emotions: effect of genderWeber, M; Giacomin, J
5-Aug-2016Automotive Habitat Laboratory: a facility for automotive co-designGkatzidou, V; Giacomin, J; Skrypchuk, L
2016Beyond accessible mobility: Insights into psychosocial inclusivity dimensions in personal transportLim, Y; Nickpour, F; Giacomin, J
2004Beyond comfort: Information content and perception enhancementGiacomin, J; Woo, Y J
2006Bump extraction algorithm for variable amplitude fatigue loadingAbdullah, S; Choi, JC; Giacomin, J; Yates, JR
2009Changing affective content in brand and product attributesAbbott, M; Holland, R; Giacomin, J; Shackleton, J
2017Clustering classification and human perception of automative steering wheel transient vibrationsMohd Yusoff, Sabariah
2020Co-designing with Drivers: A Human-Centred Approach towards the Implementation of Real-Time Contextual Interviewingde la Flor Aceituno, Daniel
2017Comparative study of 4 exploratory human-centred design tools when deployed in participatory health service settingsCervantes Luna, Andres Felipe
2006Driver estimation of steering wheel vibration intensity: Laboratory-based testsGnanasekaran, S; Ajovalasit, M; Giacomin, J
2005Driver estimation of steering wheel vibration intensity: Questionnaire-based surveyGiacomin, J; Gnanasekaran, S
2006Dynamic behavior and damping capacity of auxetic foam padsGiacomin, J; Scarpa, F; Bezazi, A; Bullough, WA
2007Effect of automobile operating condition on the subjective equivalence of steering wheel vibration and soundAjovalasit, M; Giacomin, J