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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Bulgarian sport policy 1945-1989: A strategic relation perspectiveGirginov, V
2009Canadian national sport organisations’ use of the web for relationship marketing in promoting sport participationGirginov, V; Taks, M; Boucher, B; Holman, M; Martin, S; Dixon, J
2006Creating a corporate anti-doping culture: Understanding the role of sport governing bodiesGirginov, V
2006Cultural Orientations of sport managersGirginov, V; Papadimitriou, D; D’Amico, RLD
29-Mar-2019A Cultural Perspective on Good Governance in SportGirginov, V
2014Governance of sustainable event-led regeneration: the case of London 2012 OlympicsEdizel, Hayriye Özlem
2012Governance of the London 2012 Olympic Games legacyGirginov, V
5-Sep-2018Governing bodies of sport as knowledge brokers in Sport-for-All communities of practiceWillem, A; Girginov, V; Toohey, K
2016Has the London 2012 Olympic Inspire programme inspired a generation? A realist viewGirginov, V
2021An investigation into the mindset and the experience of a modern day soccer referee in EnglandDell, Celena
2017Legacy, resource mobilisation and the olympic movementGirginov, V
2017Leveraging mega events for capacity building in voluntary sport organisationsGirginov, V; Peshin, N; Belousov, L
2015Leveraging the 2012 London Olympics for building research capacities in the UK Higher Education sector: Lessons for the 2020 Tokyo GamesGirginov, V; Matsumoto, N; Homma, K
25-May-2022The numbers game: quantifying good governance in sportGirginov, V
2016Online social networks and Saudi youth participation in physical activityBaker, Razan
2009The political process of constructing a sustainable London Olympics sports development legacyGirginov, V; Hills, L
2018Protecting or undermining the integrity of sport? The science and politics of the McLaren reportGirginov, V; Jim Parry
2014Strategy and strategising: an examination of sports clubs privatisation strategy in Saudi ArabiaAlhakami, Fawaz
27-Sep-2021Towards a conceptual definition of intangible Olympic legacyGirginov, V; Preuss, H
2014Understanding change in disability sport in the UAEHashem, Dawood