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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2020Aviation to Grid: Airport Charging Infrastructure for Electric AircraftGuo, Z; Zhang, X; Balta-Ozkan, N; Luk, P
18-Nov-2021Aviation-to-Grid Flexibility through Electric Aircraft ChargingGuo, Z; Zhang, J; Zhang, R; Zhang, X
30-Aug-2019Diffusion Tensor Image segmentation based on multi-atlas Active Shape ModelWang, Y; Zhao, Y; Guo, Z; Qi, M; Fan, Y; Meng, H
2011A game theory approach to mixed H2/H∞ control for a class of stochastic time-varying systems with randomly occurring nonlinearitiesMa, L; Wang, Z; Bo, Y; Guo, Z
26-May-2023Infrastructure planning for airport microgrid integrated with electric aircraft and parking lot electric vehiclesGuo, Z; Li, B; Taylor, G; Zhang, X
14-Oct-2021A Multi-agent Microgrid Energy Management Solution for Air Transport ElectrificationGuo, Z; Zhang, X; Zhang, R
5-Oct-2023Multi-Objective Optimization for Solar-Hydrogen-Battery-Integrated Electric Vehicle Charging Stations with Energy ExchangeDuan, L; Guo, Z; Taylor, G; Lai, CS
21-Oct-2023Neonatal White Matter Damage Analysis using DTI Super-resolution and Multi-modality Image RegistrationWang, Y; Zhang, Y; Ma, C; Wang, R; Guo, Z; Shen, Y; Wang, M; Meng, H
2012Robust H-infinity sliding mode control for nonlinear stochastic systems with multiple data packet lossesMa, L; Wang, Z; Bo, Y; Guo, Z
1997Robust H2/H∞-state estimation for discrete-time systems with error variance constraintsWang, Z; Guo, Z; Unbehauen, H
2010Robust H∞ control of time-varying systems with stochastic non-linearities: the finite-horizon caseMa, L; Wang, Z; Bo, Y; Guo, Z
2010Robust variance-constrained filtering for a class of nonlinear stochastic systems with missing measurementsMa, L; Wang, Z; Hu, J; Bo, S; Guo, Z
17-Mar-2023Techno-economic Assessment of Wireless Charging Systems for Airport Electric Shuttle BusesGuo, Z; Lai, CS; Luk, P; Zhang, X
18-Aug-2022Thermal Energy, Process, and Transport Intensification - a Brief Review of Literature in 2021 and ProspectsCheng, L; Chai, L; Guo, Z
2011Variance-constrained dissipative observer-based control for a class of nonlinear stochastic systems with degraded measurementsWang, Z; Lam, J; Ma, L; Bo, Y; Guo, Z