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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A chain theorem for 4-connected matroidsHall, R
2013A comparison of two-coloured filter systems for treating visual reading difficultiesHall, R; Ray, N; Harries, P; Stein, J
2018The complexity of greedoid Tutte polynomialsKnapp, Christopher N.
2008Contracting an element from a cocircuitHall, R; Mayhew, D
2004Fork-decompositions of matroidsHall, R; Oxley, J; Semple, C; Whittle, G
2010Internally 4-connected binary matroids with cyclically sequential orderingsAikin, J; Chun, C; Hall, R; Mayhew, D
2009On contracting hyperplane elements from a 3-connected matroidHall, R
2002On matroids of branch-width threeHall, R; Oxley, J; Semple, C; Whittle, G
2017On zeros of the characteristic polynomial of matroids of bounded tree-widthChun, C; Hall, R; Merino, C; Noble, S
1987A simple theoretical description of the behaviour of intumescent paintsHall, R
2007The structure of 3-connected matroids of path width threeHall, R; Oxley, J; Semple, C
2017The Structure of Delta-Matroids with Width One TwistsHall, R; Chun, C; Merino, C; Moffatt, I; Noble, S
2005The structure of equivalent 3-separations in a 3-connected matroidHall, R; Oxley, J; Semple, C
2020Using Bayesian Networks to investigate the influence of Arctic Amplification on midlatitude North Atlantic circulationHarwood, N; Tucker, A; Hall, R; Di Capua, G; Russell, A
2015Using coloured filters to reduce the symptoms of visual stress in children with reading delayHarries, P; Hall, R; Ray, N; Stein, J