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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Authors' Reply to “Comments on 'Researcher Bias: The Use of Machine Learning in Software Defect Prediction' ”Shepperd, M; Hall, T; Bowes, D
2015Editorial for the special section on Empirical Studies in Software Engineering Selected, extended papers from the Eighteenth International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering, May 13th-14th 2014, London, UKHall, T; Counsell, S; Myrtveit, I
2014Filling the gaps of development logs and bug issue dataRomo, BA; Capiluppi, A; Hall, T
2017How Good Are My Tests?Bowes, D; Hall, T; Petric, J; Shippey, T; Turhan, B
2014The impact of communication on trust in agile methodsHasnian, Eisha
2019Improving environmental risk assessments of chemicals: Steps towards evidence-based ecotoxicologyMartin, O; Adams, J; Beasley, A; Belanger, S; Breton, RL; Brock, TCM; Buonsante, VA; Galay Burgos, M; Green, J; Guiney, PD; Hall, T; Hanson, M; Harris, MJ; Henry, TR; Huggett, D; Junghans, M; Laskowski, R; Maack, G; Moermond, CTA; Panter, G; Pease, A; Poulsen, V; Roberts, M; Ruden, C; Schlekat, CE; Schoeters, I; Solomon, KR; Staveley, J; Stubblefield, B; Sumpter, JP; Warne, MSJ; Wentsel, R; Wheeler, JR; Wolff, BA; Yamazaki, K; Zahner, H; Agerstrand, M
2016Improving the quality of bug data in software repositoriesAuwal, Bilyaminu Romo
2017A method to disseminate and communicate IS research outputs beyond academiaAlwzinani, Faris
2019Mining software repositories to determine the impact of team factors on the structural attributes of softwareYoussef, Ahmmad
2016Mutation-aware fault predictionBowes, D; Hall, T; Harman, M; Jia, Y; Sarro, F; Wu, F
2018Reproducibility and replicability of software defect prediction studiesMahmood, Z; Bowes, D; Hall, T; Lane, PCR; Petrić, J
2014Researcher bias: The use of machine learning in software defect predictionShepperd, M; Bowes, D; Hall, T
2017Software Defect Prediction: Do Different Classifiers Find the Same Defects?Hall, T
2015Software fault characteristics: A synthesis of the literatureHall, T; Bowes, D; Counsell, S; Moonen, L; Yamashita, A
2012A systematic review of fault prediction performance in software engineeringHall, T; Beecham, S; Bowes, D; Gray, D; Counsell, S