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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jan-2021Consensus Control of Linear Multiagent Systems Under Actuator Imperfection: When Saturation Meets FaultGao, C; Wang, Z; He, X; Han, QL
21-Sep-2021Distributed Set-Membership Fusion Filtering for Nonlinear 2-D Systems Over Sensor Networks: An Encoding-Decoding SchemeZhu, K; Wang, Z; Han, QL; Wei, G
22-Mar-2021Energy-to-Peak State Estimation With Intermittent Measurement Outliers: The Single-Output CaseZou, L; Wang, Z; Dong, H; Han, QL
2017Event-based input and state estimation for linear discrete time-varying systemsHu, L; Wang, Z; Han, QL; Liu, X
6-Mar-2017Event-Based Variance-Constrained H<inf>∞</inf>Filtering for Stochastic Parameter Systems over Sensor Networks with Successive Missing MeasurementsWang, L; Wang, Z; Han, QL; Wei, G
5-Jun-2018Input-to-State Stabilization in Probability for Nonlinear Stochastic Systems under Quantization Effects and Communication ProtocolsLi, B; Wang, Z; Han, QL; Liu, H
25-Jun-2021Local Stabilization for Multiple Input-Delay Systems subject to Saturating Actuators: The Continuous-time CaseChen, Y; Wang, Z; Shen, B; Han, QL
6-Jun-2019Moving Horizon Estimation of Networked Nonlinear Systems with Random Access ProtocolZou, L; Wang, Z; Han, QL; Zhou, D
18-May-2020A Novel Framework for Backstepping-Based Control of Discrete-Time Strict-Feedback Nonlinear Systems with Multiplicative NoisesWang, M; Wang, Z; Dong, H; Han, QL
14-Aug-2020Probability-Guaranteed Envelope-Constrained Filtering for Nonlinear Systems Subject to Measurement OutliersMa, L; Wang, Z; Hu, J; Han, QL
4-May-2018Recursive Filtering for Time-Varying Systems with Random Access ProtocolZou, L; Wang, Z; Han, QL; Zhou, D
2020Recursive Secure Filtering over Gilbert-Elliott Channels in Sensor Networks: The Distributed CaseDing, D; Wang, Z; Han, QL; Zhang, XM
31-Oct-2016Security Control for Discrete-Time Stochastic Nonlinear Systems Subject to Deception AttacksDing, D; Wang, Z; Han, QL; Wei, G
Jan-2019State estimation under false data injection attacks: Security analysis and system protectionHu, L; Wang, Z; Han, QL; Liu, X
15-Mar-2019A Survey on Model-Based Distributed Control and Filtering for Industrial Cyber-Physical SystemsDing, D; Han, QL; Wang, Z; Ge, X
6-Sep-2017Synchronization Control for a Class of Discrete-Time Dynamical Networks With Packet Dropouts: A Coding-Decoding-Based ApproachWang, L; Wang, Z; Han, QL; Wei, G
10-Jun-2020Synchronization Control for Discrete-Time-Delayed Dynamical Networks with Switching Topology under Actuator SaturationsChen, Y; Wang, Z; Hu, J; Han, QL
2018A threshold-parameter-dependent approach to designing distributed event-triggered H <inf>∞</inf> consensus filters over sensor networksGe, X; Han, QL; Wang, Z
17-Jan-2017Variance-Constrained Distributed Filtering for Time-Varying Systems With Multiplicative Noises and Deception Attacks Over Sensor NetworksMa, L; Wang, Z; Han, QL; Lam, HK