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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A comparison of two-coloured filter systems for treating visual reading difficultiesHall, R; Ray, N; Harries, P; Stein, J
2012Detecting and preventing elder financial abuseDavies, M; Gilhooly, M; Harries, P; Cairns, D; Gilhooly, K; Brunel Institute for Ageing Studies (BIAS) Annual Conference 2012
2011Detecting and preventing financial abuse of older adults: Examining decision making by health, social care and banking professionalsDavies, Miranda Louise
2017Development of the International Expert Advisory Panel on Community Health and Transport (I-CHaT) to coordinate research on transport mobilityChoi, M; Gélinas, I; Harries, P; Margot-Cattin, I; Mazer, B; Van Niekerk, L; Patomella, A-H; Stapleton, T; Swanepoel, L; Unsworth, C; Vrkljan, B
2014Educating novice practitioners to detect elder financial abuse: A randomised controlled trialHarries, P; Davies, M; Gilhooly, K; Gilhooly, M; Tomlinson, C
2013Enhanced clarity and holism: The outcome of implementing the ICF with an acute stroke multidisciplinary team in EnglandHarries, P; Kilbride, C; De Souza, L
1-Sep-2017Exploring financial abuse as a feature of family life: an analysis of Court of Protection casesDalley, G; Gilhooly, M; Gilhooly, K; Harries, P; Levi, M
2011Factors used in the detection of elder financial abuse: A judgement and decision-making study of social workers and their managersHarries, P; Cairns, D; Stanley, D; Gilhooly, M; Gilhooly, K; Notley, E; Gilbert, A; Penhale, B; Hennessy, C
2017Financial Abuse of People Lacking Mental Capacity: A Report to the Dawes TrustDalley, G; Gilhooly, M; Gilhooly, K; Harries, P; Levi, M
2016Financial elder abuse through the lens of the bystander intervention modelGilhooly, M; Dalley, G; Gilhooly, K; Sullivan, M; Harries, P; Levi, M; Kinnear, D; Davies, M
2013Framing the detection of elder financial abuse as bystander intervention: Decision cues, pathways to detection and barriers to actionCairns, D; Davies, M; Harries, P; Gilhooly, KJ; Notley, E
2003Generic and specialist occupational therapy casework in community mental healthHarries, P; Gilhooly, K
25-Nov-2018How do palliative care doctors recognise imminently dying patients? A judgement analysisWhite, N; Harries, P; Harris, AJL; Vickerstaff, V; Lodge, P; McGowan, C; Minton, O; Tomlinson, C; Tookman, A; Reid, F; Stone, P
2014Identifying and enhancing risk thresholds in the detection of elder financial abuse: A signal detection analysis of professionals' decision makingHarries, P; Yang, H; Davies, M; Gilhooly, M; Gilhooly, K; Thompson, C
10-May-2019Imminent death: Clinician certainty and accuracy of prognostic predictionsWhite, N; Reid, F; Vickerstaff, V; Harries, P; Tomlinson, C; Stone, P
2011“It’s not just about the money”: The meaning of work for people with severe and enduring mental health problems – an interpretative phenomenological analysisBlank, Alison
2016Living with stroke in Bangladesh: factors influencing quality of life (QoL)Saha, BK; Harries, P; Gilhooly, KJ
2013The meaning and experience of work in the context of severe and enduring mental health problems: An interpretative phenomenological analysisBlank, A; Harries, P; Reynolds, F
2010Metamemory in multiple sclerosisClaffey, Austin M
3-Mar-2019Protocol for the ORaClES study: An online randomised controlled trial to improve clinical estimates of survival using a training resource for medical studentsOostendorp, L; White, N; Harries, P; Yardley, S; Tomlinson, C; Ricciardi, F; Gokalp, H; Stone, P