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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Application of dense offshore tsunami observations from Ocean Bottom Pressure Gauges (OBPGs) for tsunami research and early warningsHeidarzadeh, M; Gusman, AR
2006Assessment of the application of tuned liquid dampers for structural motion control subjected to earthquake excitations and using nonlinear elasto-plastic analysisHeidarzadeh, M; Zahrai, SM
2009Assessment of tsunami generation potential and presenting a tsunami warning system for southern coasts of Iran bordering the Indian OceanHeidarzadeh, M; Pirooz, MD; Zaker, NH; Mokhtari, M
2017Bodrum-Kos (Turkey-Greece) Mw 6.6 earthquake and tsunami of 20 July 2017: a test for the Mediterranean tsunami warning systemHeidarzadeh, M; Necmioglu, O; Ishibe, T; Yalciner, AC
2020Combined Hazard of Typhoon-Generated Meteorological Tsunamis and Storm Surges along the Coast of JapanHeidarzadeh, M; Rabinovich, AB
2018A comparative study of far-field tsunami amplitudes and ocean-wide propagation properties: Insight from major trans-Pacific tsunamis of 2010-2015Heidarzadeh, M; Satake, K; Takagawa, T; Rabinovich, A; Kusumoto, S
2016Comparative study of two tsunamigenic earthquakes in the Solomon Islands: 2015 M<inf>w</inf> 7.0 normal-fault and 2013 Santa Cruz M<inf>w</inf> 8.0 megathrust earthquakesHeidarzadeh, M; Harada, T; Satake, K; Ishibe, T; Gusman, AR
2018Construction and performance of the Karkheh Dam Complementary Cut-off Wall: an innovative engineering solutionHeidarzadeh, M; Mirghasemi, AA; Niroomand, H; Eslamian, F
2015Construction of relief wells under artesian flow conditions at dam toes: Engineering experiences from Karkheh earth dam, IranHeidarzadeh, M; Mirghasemi, AA; Niroomand, H
21-Nov-2019The December 2018 Anak Krakatau Volcano Tsunami as Inferred from Post-Tsunami Field Surveys and Spectral AnalysisMuhari, A; Heidarzadeh, M; Susmoro, H; Nugroho, HD; Kriswati, E; Supartoyo; Wijanarto, AB; Imamura, F; Arikawa, T
2014Deep-Water Characteristics of the Trans-Pacific Tsunami from the 1 April 2014 M w 8.2 Iquique, Chile EarthquakeHeidarzadeh, M; Satake, K; Murotani, S; Gusman, AR; Watada, S
2007Destructive effects of the 2003 Bam Earthquake on structuresHeidarzadeh, M; Zahrai, SM
2016Estimate of tsunami source using optimized unit sources and including dispersion effects during tsunami propagation: The 2012 Haida Gwaii earthquakeGusman, AR; Mulia, IE; Satake, K; Watada, S; Heidarzadeh, M; Sheehan, AF
2007Evaluating the potential for tsunami generation in southern IranHeidarzadeh, M; Pirooz, MD; Zaker, NH; Mokhtari, M
2007Experimental study of chemical grouting of conglomerate foundationsHeidarzadeh, M; Mirghasemi, AA; Etemadzadeh, SM
2015Fault slip distribution of the 2014 Iquique, Chile, earthquake estimated from ocean-wide tsunami waveforms and GPS dataGusman, AR; Murotani, S; Satake, K; Heidarzadeh, M; Gunawan, E; Watada, S; Schurr, B
2020Field survey of tsunami heights and runups following the 22 December 2018 Anak Krakatau volcano tsunami, IndonesiaHeidarzadeh, M; Putra, PS; Nugroho, HS; Rashid, DBZ
2020Field surveys and numerical modeling of the 26 December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in the area of Mumbai, west coast of IndiaHeidarzadeh, M; Rabinovich, AB; Kusumoto, S; Rajendran, CP
2020Field surveys and numerical modeling of the August 2016 typhoon Lionrock along the northeastern coast of Japan: The first typhoon making landfall in Tohoku regionHeidarzadeh, M; Iwamoto, T; Takagawa, T; Takagi, H
8-Aug-2019Field Surveys and Numerical Simulation of the 2018 Typhoon Jebi: Impact of High Waves and Storm Surge in Semi-enclosed Osaka Bay, JapanTuan-Anh, L; Takagi, H; Heidarzadeh, M; Takata, Y; Takahashi, A