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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Mar-2020The Challenge of Plastic Pollution in NigeriaDumbili, E; Henderson, L
24-Mar-2020Covid-19—we are yet to witness a cohesive government communications strategyHenderson, L
2016Doctors in space (ships): biomedical uncertainties and medical authority in imagined futuresHenderson, L; Carter, S
29-Apr-2021Drinking and Dropping’: On Interacting with Plastic Pollution and Waste in South-Eastern NigeriaHenderson, L; Dumbili, E
2017Flood Disasters in the UK and India: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Media ReportingHenderson, L; Solman, P
2017Learning to drink in Nigeria: Tales from Hollywood and NollywoodHenderson, L; Dumbili, E
20-Jan-2020Making sense of microplastics? Public understandings of plastic pollutionHenderson, L; Green, C
2018The Media and Public Health: Where next for critical analysis?Henderson, L; Hilton, S
2015Media, alcohol consumption and young people in an eastern Nigerian university campus: a qualitative studyDumbili, Emeka W.
2017Mediating Alcohol Use in Eastern Nigeria: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Role of Popular Media in Young People's Recreational DrinkingDumbili, EW; Henderson, L
2011Men and infant feeding: Perceptions of embarrassment, sexuality, and social conduct in white low-income British menHenderson, L; McMillan, B; Green, JM; Renfrew, MJ
2017(Micro) Plastic Pollution in the Media: Adventure Documentary, News and Public UnderstandingsHenderson, L; Green, C
2008Perceptions of childhood immunization in a minority community: Qualitative studyHenderson, L; Millett, C; Thorogood, N
2017Popular Television and Public Mental Health: Creating Media Entertainment from Mental DistressHenderson, L
2008Television news and the symbolic criminalisation of young peopleWayne, M; Henderson, L; Murray, C; Petley, J
3-Dec-2018Telling stories about (micro)plastic pollution: Media images, public perceptions and social changeHenderson, L