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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Does convenience matter in health care delivery? A systematic review of convenience-based aspects of process utilityHiggins, A; Barnett, J; Meads, C; Singh, J; Longworth, L
2016Does therapeutic writing help people with long-term conditions? Systematic review, realist synthesis and economic considerationsNyssen, OP; Taylor, SJC; Wong, G; Steed, L; Bourke, L; Lord, J; Ross, CA; Hayman, S; Field, V; Higgins, A; Greenhalgh, T; Meads, C
2014EXOGEN ultrasound bone healing system for long bone fractures with non-union or delayed healing: a NICE medical technology guidanceHiggins, A; Glover, M; Yang, Y; Bayliss, S; Meads, C; Lord, J
2018Women’s preferences for alternative financial incentive schemes for breastfeeding: A discrete choice experimentBecker, F; Anokye, NK; de Bekker-Grob, E; Higgins, A; Relton, C; Strong, M; Fox-Rushby, J