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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A cross-cultural examination of the impact of social, organisational and individual factors on educational technology acceptance between British and Lebanese university studentsTarhini, A; Hone, KS; Liu, X
2006Cultural effect on electronic consumer behaviourEl Said, Ghada Refaat
2005Culture and e-commerce: An exploration of the perceptions and attitudes of Egyptian internet usersEl Said, GR; Hone, KS
2004Eliciting user requirements with older adults: Lessons from the design of an interactive domestic alarm systemLines, L
2010Emotional recognition in computingAxelrod, Lesley Ann
2006Emphatic agents to reduce user frustration: The effects of varying agent characteristicsHone, KS
2018Exploring the emergence of collaborative practices in globally distributed agile software developmentModi, Sunila
2016Exploring the factors affecting MOOC retention: a survey studyHone, KS; El Said, GR
2013Factors affecting students’ acceptance of e-learning environments in developing countries:A structural equation modeling approachTarhini, A; Hone, KS; Liu, X
2004The impact of religious affiliation on trust in the context of electronic commerceSiala, H; O'Keefe, RM; Hone, KS
2017An investigation into the application of design processes to novel self-use molecular diagnostic devices for sexually transmitted infectionsStead, Thomas
2004Multimodal and ubiquitous computing systems: supporting independent-living older usersPerry, M; Dowdall, A; Lines, L; Hone, KS
2005National culture and on-line trust: a study of internet Egyptian usersHone, KS; Ali, M; El Said, GR
2003Older adults' comprehension of speech as interactive domestic alarm system output: A field studyLines, L; Hone, KS
2006Towards a practical framework for managing the risks of selecting technology to support independent livingMonk, A; Hone, KS; Lines, L; Dowdall, A; Baxter, G; Blythe, M; Wright, P
2000Towards a tool for the subjective assessment of speech system interfaces (SASSI)Hone, KS; Graham, R
2016Young people’s perceptions of smartphone-enabled self-testing and online care for sexually transmitted infections: qualitative interview studyAicken, CRH; Fuller, SS; Sutcliffe, LJ; Estcourt, CS; Gkatzidou, V; Oakeshott, P; Hone, KS; Sadiq, ST; Sonnenberg, P; Shahmanesh, M