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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Dec-2017A copula-based flexible-stochastic programming method for planning regional energy system under multiple uncertainties: A case study of the urban agglomeration of Beijing and TianjinYu, L; Li, YP; Huang, GH; Fan, YR; Nie, S
31-Jan-2020A copula-based fuzzy interval-random programming approach for planning water-energy nexus system under uncertaintyXiao, Y; Jiang, S; Li, YP; Fan, YR; Huang, GH; Lv, J; Zuo, QT; Wang, FQ
2015A coupled ensemble filtering and probabilistic collocation approach for uncertainty quantification of hydrological modelsFan, YR; Huang, WW; Li, YP; Huang, GH; Huang, K
15-Jun-2017Development of a copula-based particle filter (CopPF) approach for hydrologic data assimilation under consideration of parameter interdependenceFan, YR; Huang, GH; Baetz, BW; Li, YP; Huang, K
Jul-2017Development of integrated approaches for hydrological data assimilation through combination of ensemble Kalman filter and particle filter methodsFan, YR; Huang, GH; Baetz, BW; Li, YP; Huang, K; Chen, X; Gao, M
2019Drought Occurring With Hot Extremes: Changes Under Future Climate Change on Loess Plateau, ChinaSun, CX; Huang, GH; Fan, Y; Zhou, X; Lu, C; Wang, XQ
4-Feb-2020A factorial Bayesian copula framework for partitioning uncertainties in multivariate risk inferenceFan, Y; Huang, K; Huang, GH; Li, YP
2016Hydrologic risk analysis in the Yangtze River basin through coupling Gaussian mixtures into copulasFan, YR; Huang, WW; Huang, GH; Li, YP; Huang, K; Li, Z
24-Aug-2018Inexact Copula-Based Stochastic Programming Method for Water Resources Management under Multiple UncertaintiesKong, XM; Huang, GH; Li, YP; Fan, YR; Zeng, XT; Zhu, Y
2017An Integrated Risk Analysis Method for Planning Water Resource Systems to Support Sustainable Development of An Arid RegionLi, YP; Nie, S; Huang, CZ; McBean, EA; Fan, YR; Huang, GH
2016Parameter uncertainty and temporal dynamics of sensitivity for hydrologic models: A hybrid sequential data assimilation and probabilistic collocation methodFan, YR; Huang, GH; Baetz, BW; Li, YP; Huang, K; Li, Z; Chen, X; Xiong, LH