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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Alkali activated binders valorised from tungsten mining waste: materials design, preparation, properties and applicationsKastiukas, Gediminas
2016Analysis of bond-slip between concrete and steel bar in fireJamal, K; Huang, Z; Fan, M
2020Analysis of reinforced concrete bridge with circular pier subjected to earthquakeAbdul Karim, Mohd Ritzman Bin
2016Analysis of the bond behaviour between prestressed strands and concrete in fireKhalaf, J; Huang, Z
9-Aug-2021An analytical method for determining the tensile membrane action of RC slab panelsWang, Y; Wang, G; Huang, Z; Huang, Y; Jiang, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhang, C; Bu, Y; Song, W
5-Aug-2021Augmented Power Dispatch for Resilient Operation through Controllable Series Compensation and N-1-1 Contingency AssessmentHuang, L; Huang, Z; Lai, CS; Yang, G; Zhao, Z; Tong, N; Wu, X; Lai, LL
2-Aug-2019Behaviour of continuous reinforced concrete floor slabs subjected to different compartment firesWang, Y; Duan, Y; Ma, S; Huang, Z; Zhang, Y; Wu, J; Yuan, G; Zhou, M; Zhang, G
2016The behaviour of the power transmission tower subjected to horizontal support’s movementsShu, Q; Yuan, G; Huang, Z; Ye, S
2-Mar-2019Bond behaviour between early age concrete and steel bar subjected to cyclic loading after fireLu, L; Yuan, G; Shu, Q; Huang, Z; Zhong, C; Xu, B
2018The bond behaviour of reinforced concrete members at elevated temperaturesKhalaf, J; Huang, Z
2017Bond characteristics between early aged fly ash concrete and reinforcing steel bar after fireLi, Q; Huang, X; Huang, Z; Yuan, G
18-Apr-2022CBASH: Combined Backbone and Advanced Selection Heads with Object Semantic Proposals for Weakly Supervised Object DetectionXia, R; Li, G; Huang, Z; Meng, H; Pang, Y
1-Dec-2021Data augmentation and shadow image classification for shadow detectionLi, G; Wen, L; Huang, Z; Xia, R; Pang, Y
3-Aug-2018Degradation of the elastic modulus of cement-based grouting material with early ages after fireLi, Q; Liu, L; Huang, Z; Yuan, G
2016Development of nano-graphene cementitious composites (NGCC)Ilyas, Muhammad
2017Development of non-linear bond stress-slip models for reinforced concrete structures in fireKhalaf, Jamal
2014Development of robust connection models for steel and composite structures in fire.Lin, Shuyuan
2022A Distributed Optimization Model for Mitigating Three-phase Power Imbalance with Electric Vehicles and Grid BatteryHuang, L; Chen, D; Lai, CS; Huang, Z; Zobaa, A; Lai, LL
2020A distributed transaction mechanism for electricity market with electric vehicles and blockchainHuang, Z; Chen, D; Lai, CS; Zhao, Z; Lai, LL; Wang, M
21-May-2021A distributed transaction method for mitigating three-phase imbalance by scheduling electric vehicle chargingLai, CS; Huang, Z; Chen, D; Zobaa, AF; Lai, LL