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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Alkali activated binders valorised from tungsten mining waste: materials design, preparation, properties and applicationsKastiukas, Gediminas
2016Analysis of bond-slip between concrete and steel bar in fireJamal, K; Huang, Z; Fan, M
2020Analysis of reinforced concrete bridge with circular pier subjected to earthquakeAbdul Karim, Mohd Ritzman Bin
2016Analysis of the bond behaviour between prestressed strands and concrete in fireKhalaf, J; Huang, Z
9-Aug-2021An analytical method for determining the tensile membrane action of RC slab panelsWang, Y; Wang, G; Huang, Z; Huang, Y; Jiang, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhang, C; Bu, Y; Song, W
5-Aug-2021Augmented Power Dispatch for Resilient Operation through Controllable Series Compensation and N-1-1 Contingency AssessmentHuang, L; Huang, Z; Lai, CS; Yang, G; Zhao, Z; Tong, N; Wu, X; Lai, LL
2-Aug-2019Behaviour of continuous reinforced concrete floor slabs subjected to different compartment firesWang, Y; Duan, Y; Ma, S; Huang, Z; Zhang, Y; Wu, J; Yuan, G; Zhou, M; Zhang, G
2016The behaviour of the power transmission tower subjected to horizontal support’s movementsShu, Q; Yuan, G; Huang, Z; Ye, S
1-Dec-2022Bi-path Combination YOLO for Real-time Few-shot Object DetectionXia, R; Li, G; Huang, Z; Meng, H; Pang, Y
2-Mar-2019Bond behaviour between early age concrete and steel bar subjected to cyclic loading after fireLu, L; Yuan, G; Shu, Q; Huang, Z; Zhong, C; Xu, B
2018The bond behaviour of reinforced concrete members at elevated temperaturesKhalaf, J; Huang, Z
2017Bond characteristics between early aged fly ash concrete and reinforcing steel bar after fireLi, Q; Huang, X; Huang, Z; Yuan, G
18-Apr-2022CBASH: Combined Backbone and Advanced Selection Heads with Object Semantic Proposals for Weakly Supervised Object DetectionXia, R; Li, G; Huang, Z; Meng, H; Pang, Y
27-Jul-2023Chaos Gray Wolf global optimization algorithm based on Opposition-based LearningLuo, Z; Tan, M; Huang, Z; Li, G
1-Dec-2021Data augmentation and shadow image classification for shadow detectionLi, G; Wen, L; Huang, Z; Xia, R; Pang, Y
3-Aug-2018Degradation of the elastic modulus of cement-based grouting material with early ages after fireLi, Q; Liu, L; Huang, Z; Yuan, G
2016Development of nano-graphene cementitious composites (NGCC)Ilyas, Muhammad
2017Development of non-linear bond stress-slip models for reinforced concrete structures in fireKhalaf, Jamal
2014Development of robust connection models for steel and composite structures in fire.Lin, Shuyuan
2023Development of sustainable core systems for vacuum insulation panels in building applicationsNeiva Coutinho Marshall Corker, Jorge