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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Beyond mimetic Englishness: Ford’s English trilogy and the good soldierHubble, N
2021The British aleatory novel, 1959 - 1979Jenner, Sebastian Marc
2016Christopher Priest and the Persistence of the New WaveHubble, N
2020A clockwork heart: The neuroscience of writing fiction – A new approachSchwarz, Liesel
2011Coming of ageBazalgette, L; Holden, J; Tew, P; Hubble, N; Morrison, J
2014Communicative semiotics in everyday life (Cultural criticism – the image in the 21st century)Fidouh, Dalel
2017The culture of ‘the Culture’: utopian processes in Iain M. Banks’s space opera seriesNorman, Joseph S
2016Europe after the rain: Alan Burns and the post-war avant-gardeDevaney, Kieran John Michael
2005Five English disaster novels, 1951-1972Hubble, N
2009‘The freedom of the city’: Mansfield and WoolfHubble, N
2016The Gift of Death, or, Beyond the Beneficent Spider: A novel & associated critical expositionTew, Philip
2008Historical psychology, utopian dreams and other fool’s errandsHubble, N
2018If self-publishing represents a vital, resistive addition to the literary field due to its democratisation of the publishing process and, crucially, the manner in which it empowers new authorial voices and character representation, what are the implications for high fantasy authors and the publishing industry?Dillon-Lee, Faith
2002Imagined and imaginary whales: Benedict Anderson, Salman Rushdie and George OrwellHubble, N
2011"In the twentieth century, and the heart of civilisation”: The London of the ForsytesHubble, N
2009Introduction: Intermodern LondonHubble, N
2011Introduction: Middlebrow LondonHubble, N
2012John Sommerfield and mass-observationHubble, N
2010The liminal persistence of interwar suburbs in the twenty-first centuryHubble, N
2015Looking back on the 1930s without being anti-communist: Cornford, Orwell, Spender, SommerfieldHubble, N