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2017Establishing core outcome sets for phenylketonuria (PKU) and medium-chain Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase (MCAD) deficiency in children: study protocol for systematic reviews and Delphi surveys.Potter, BK; Hutton, B; Clifford, TJ; Pallone, N; Smith, M; Stockler, S; Chakraborty, P; Barbeau, P; Garritty, CM; Pugliese, M; Rahman, A; Skidmore, B; Tessier, L; Tingley, K; Coyle, D; Greenberg, CR; Korngut, L; MacKenzie, A; Mitchell, JJ; Nicholls, S; Offringa, M; Schulze, A; Taljaard, M; Canadian Inherited Metabolic Diseases Research Network
2014A Microsoft-Excel-based tool for running and critically appraising network meta-analyses--an overview and application of NetMetaXL.Brown, S; Hutton, B; Clifford, T; Coyle, D; Grima, D; Wells, G; Cameron, C
2015Network meta-analysis incorporating randomized controlled trials and non-randomized comparative cohort studies for assessing the safety and effectiveness of medical treatments: Challenges and opportunitiesCameron, C; Fireman, B; Hutton, B; Clifford, T; Coyle, D; Wells, G; Dormuth, CR; Platt, R; Toh, S