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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Choice of State Estimation Solution Process for Medium Voltage Distribution SystemsNusrat, N; Irving, MR; Taylor, GA
2005A comparative study of two methods for uncertainty analysis in power system state estimationAl-Othman, AK; Irving, MR
2012A critical comparison of approaches to resource name management within the IEC common information modelHargreaves, N; Pantea, S; Taylor, GA; Irving, MR
2008Deregulated power transmission analysis and planning in congested networksSong, Fei
2006Distributed monitoring and control of future power systems via grid computingTaylor, GA; Irving, MR; Hobson, PR; Huang, C; Kyberd, P; Taylor, RJ
2004A genetic algorithm for power distribution system planningRivas-Davalos, Francisco
2007Grid computing technologies for renewable electricity generator monitoring and controlHobson, PR; Frizziero, E; Huang, C; Irving, MR; Kalganova, T; Kyberd, P; Lelli, F; Petrucci, A; Pugliese, R; Taylor, GA; Taylor, R
2001Market-based transmission congestion management using extended optimal power flow techniquesWang, Xing
2010Modelling, evaluation and demonstration of novel active voltage control schemes to accomodate distributed generation in distribution networksFila, Maciej
1998NETMAT: A knowledge-based grid system analysis toolZitouni, S; Irving, MR
1998A new approach to secure economic power dispatchZhu, JZ; Irving, MR; Xu, GY
2009A novel differential evolution algorithmic approach to transmission expansion planningSum-Im, Thanathip
2008A novel Q-limit guided continuation power flow method for voltage stability analysisZhu, Pengcheng
2004Plug in to grid computingIrving, MR; Taylor, GA; Hobson, PR
1996Power systems generation scheduling and optimisation using evolutionary computation techniquesOrero, Shadrack Otieno
2000Power transmission planning using heuristic optimisation techniques: Deterministic crowding genetic algorithms and Ant colony search methodsChebbo, Hind Munzer
2010Proposed shunt rounding technique for large-scale security constrained loss minimizationMacFie, PJ; Taylor, GA; Irving, MR; Hurlock, P; Wan, H
2010Pseudo-loadflow formulation as a starting process for the Newton RaphsonIrving, MR
2006Review of primary frequency control requirements on the GB power system against a background of increasing renewable generationPearmine, Ross
2009Robust algorithm for generalized state estimationIrving, MR