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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Anxiety, anticipation, and contextual information: A test of attentional control theoryCocks, AJ; Jackson, RC; Bishop, DT; Williams, AM
2006Attentional focus, dispositional reinvestment, and skilled motor performance under pressureJackson, RC; Ashford, K; Norsworthy, G
2007Brain regions concerned with perceptual skills in tennis: An fMRI studyWright, MJ; Jackson, RC
2013Brain regions concerned with the identification of deceptive soccer moves by higher-skilled and lower-skilled playersWright, MJ; Bishop, DT; Jackson, RC; Abernethy, B
2011Cortical fMRI activation to opponents' body kinematics in sport-related anticipation: Expert-novice differences with normal and point-light videoWright, MJ; Bishop, DT; Jackson, RC; Abernethy, B
2014Deceptive body movements reverse spatial cueing in soccerWright, MJ; Jackson, RC
2008Expertise and attunement to kinematic constraintsAbernethy, B; Zawi, K; Jackson, RC
2010Exploring the attentional processes of expert performers and the impact of priming on motor skill executionAdams, Danielle
2010Functional MRI reveals expert-novice differences during sport-related anticipationWright, MJ; Bishop, DT; Jackson, RC; Abernethy, B
2016How anxiety and incremental secondary task demands impact processing efficiency, visual search, and gait kinematics in older adultsCocks, AJ; Young, WR; Ellmers, TJ; Jackson, RC; Williams, AM
13-Jun-2020Knowledge is power? Outcome probability information impairs detection of deceptive intentJackson, RC; Barton, H; Bishop, DT
2004Modeling the relationship between self-consciousness and competition anxietyAshford, K; Karageorghis, CI; Jackson, RC
2013Neural bases for anticipation skill in soccer: An fMRI studyBishop, DT; Wright, MJ; Jackson, RC; Abernethy, B
2012Perceptual training methods compared: The relative efficacy of different approaches to enhancing sport-specific anticipationAbernethy, B; Schorer, J; Jackson, RC; Hagemann, N
2010Priming as a means of preventing skill failure under pressureAshford, K; Jackson, RC
2014Priming to promote fluent motor skill execution: Exploring attentional demandsAdams, D; Ashford, KJ; Jackson, RC
2005Probing expert anticipation with the temporal occlusion paradigm: Experimental investigations of some methodological issuesFarrow, D; Abernethy, B; Jackson, RC
2015Reinvestment, task complexity and decision making under pressure inbasketballKinrade, NP; Jackson, RC; Ashford, KJ
2010The role of dispositional reinvestment in choking during decision-making tasks in sportKinrade, Noel Peter
2009Sensitivity to fine-grained and coarse visual information: The effect of blurring on anticipation skillJackson, RC; Abernethy, B; Wernhart, S