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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Nov-2022Accounting and Auditing with Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence: A Literature ReviewHan, H; Shiwakoti, RK; Jarvis, R; Mordi, C; Botchie, D
2022Corporate accountability for biodiversity and species extinction: A systematic literature review and empirical evidenceRoberts, Lee
Oct-2019Costs and benefits of FRS 102, The Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and Republic of IrelandCollis, J; Gkorou, S; Jarvis, R
15-May-2023The experience of loneliness among international students participating in the BBC Loneliness Experiment: Thematic analysis of qualitative survey dataZheng, K; Johnson, S; Jarvis, R; Victor, C; Barreto, M; Qualter, P; Pitman, A
29-Oct-2021FinTech Innovation: Review and Future Research DirectionsJarvis, R; Han, H
2018IFRS for SMEs in developing and developed economies: Early evidence from Albania and the UKGkorou, Sonila
2018The impact of FRS 102 on medium sized companiesAbbas, Mohamed
9-Aug-2019‘Is Say on Pay working? Evidence from the UK’Shiwakoti, RK; Iqbal, A; Jarvis, R
7-Feb-2019Mandatory audit form rotation in the UKNandy, M; Lodh, S; Jarvis, R
8-Jul-2022Research and development investments, development costs capitalization, and credit ratings: Exploratory evidence from UK R&D-active private firmsBrasch, A; Eierle, B; Jarvis, R
19-Mar-2017The role and current status of IFRS in the completion of national accounting rules: Evidence from the UKCollis, J; Jarvis, R; Skerratt, L
2016Role of financial and other information in trade credit decisions in SMEs: An international studyCollis, J; Jarvis, R; Page, M; Holt, A; Fatoki, O; Aregbeshola, A