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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-May-2018Adaptation to interocular differenceJennings, B; Kingdom, FAA; Georgeson, MA
16-Nov-2021Clarifying the Roles of Schizotypy and Psychopathic Traits in Lexical Decision PerformanceVanova, M; Aldridge-Waddon, L; Jennings, B; Elbers, L; Puzzo, I; Kumari, V
18-Oct-2019Color improves edge classification in human visionBreuil, C; Jennings, B; Barthelme, S; Guyader, N; Kingdom, F
2019Detection of distortions in images of natural scenes in mild traumatic brain injury patientsJennings, B; Schmidtmann, G; Wehbé, F; Kingdom, F; Farivar, R
18-Apr-2022Distinct neural signatures of schizotypy and psychopathy during visual word-nonword recognitionNorbury, R; Vanova, M; Aldridge-Waddon, L; Norbury, R; Jennings, B; Puzzo, I; Kumari, V
1977Electric birefringence studies of biopolymer systemsIsles, Martin
2020Negative afterimages facilitate the detection of real imagesKingdom, F; Tomuma, S; Jennings, B
Dec-2019Perceiving the emotions of PokémonJennings, B
7-Sep-2019The pupillary response to the unknown: Novelty versus familiarityBeukema, S; Jennings, B; Olson, J; Kingdom, F
3-Nov-2020Reading Skills Deficits in People with Mental Illness: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisVanova, M; Aldridge-Waddon, L; Jennings, B; Puzzo, I; Kumari, V
2021Reading skills in mental illness: A multimodal analysisVanova, Martina