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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Dec-2021Diverse labechiid stromatoporoids from the Upper Ordovician Xiazhen Formation of South China and their paleobiogeographic implicationsJeon, J; Liang, K; Park, J; Kershaw, S; Zhang, Y
27-Aug-2019Earliest known spatial competition between stromatoporoids: Evidence from the Upper Ordovician Xiazhen Formation of South ChinaJeon, J; Liang, K; Lee, M; Kershaw, S
2016Genome-Wide Interaction Analyses between Genetic Variants and Alcohol Consumption and Smoking for Risk of Colorectal CancerGong, J; Hutter, CM; Newcomb, PA; Ulrich, CM; Bien, SA; Campbell, PT; Baron, JA; Berndt, SI; Bezieau, S; Brenner, H; Casey, G; Chan, AT; Chang-Claude, J; Du, M; Duggan, D; Figueiredo, JC; Gallinger, S; Giovannucci, EL; Haile, RW; Harrison, TA; Hayes, RB; Hoffmeister, M; Hopper, JL; Hudson, TJ; Jeon, J; Jenkins, MA; Kocarnik, J; Küry, S; Le Marchand, L; Lin, Y; Lindor, NM; Nishihara, R; Ogino, S; Potter, JD; Rudolph, A; Schoen, RE; Schrotz-King, P; Seminara, D; Slattery, ML; Thibodeau, SN; Thornquist, M; Toth, R; Wallace, R; White, E; Jiao, S; Lemire, M; Hsu, L; Peters, U
12-Jul-2020The Jiwozhai patch reef: A palaeobiodiversity hotspot in middle Givetian (Devonian) of South ChinaHuang, J; Liang, K; Wang, Y; Liao, W; Guo, W; Kershaw, S; Jeon, J; Qiao, L; Song, J; Ma, J; Li, Y; Tu, B; Tian, Y; Wang, Y; Wang, Y; Ma, J; Luo, M; Qie, W
23-Jun-2022Rise of clathrodictyid stromatoporoids during the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event: insights from the Upper Ordovician Xiazhen Formation of South ChinaJeon, J; Liang, K; Kershaw, S; Park, J; Lee, M; Zhang, Y
21-Jul-2022Stromatoporoids from a Middle Devonian reef in South China and their palaeoecological implicationHuang, J; Liang, K; Wang, Y; Kershaw, S; Jeon, J; Li, Y; Qie, W