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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-May-2018DNA methylation and inflammation marker profiles associated with a history of depressionCrawford, B; Craig, Z; Mansell, G; White, I; Smith, A; Spaull, S; Imm, J; Hannon, E; Wood, A; Yaghootkar, H; Ji, Y; Mullins, N; Lewis, CM; Mill, J; Murphy, TM
Jun-2017Fundamentals versus market sentiments in the euro bond markets: Implications for QEMacchiarelli, C; De Grauwe, P; Ji, Y
20-Sep-2021Higher maternal adiposity reduces offspring birthweight if associated with a metabolically favourable profileThompson, WD; Beaumont, RN; Kuang, A; Warrington, NM; Ji, Y; Tyrrell, J; Wood, AR; Scholtens, DM; Knight, BA; Evans, DM; Lowe, WL; Santorelli, G; Azad, R; Mason, D; Hattersley, AT; Frayling, TM; Yaghootkar, H; Borges, MC; Lawlor, DA; Freathy, RM
2016Identification of the gC1qR sites for the HIV-1 viral envelope protein gp41 and the HCV core protein: Implications in viral-specific pathogenesis and therapyPednekar, L; Valentino, A; Ji, Y; Tumma, N; Valentino, C; Kadoor, A; Hosszu, KK; Ramadass, M; Kew, RR; Kishore, U; Peerschke, EIB; Ghebrehiwet, B
2014Soluble gC1qR is an autocrine signal that induces B1R expression on endothelial cellsGhebrehiwet, B; Ji, Y; Valentino, A; Pednekar, L; Ramadass, M; David, H; Kew, RR; Hosszu, KH; Galanakis, DK; Kishore, U; Peerschke, EIB
20-Nov-2017TARGET (im)balances at record level: Should we worry?De Grauwe, P; Ji, Y; Macchiarelli, C
31-Mar-2020Transitions in the EU labour market before and after the crisis: The role of reformsMacchiarelli, C; Monastiriotis, V; Lampropoulou, N