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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Awareness, requirements and barriers to use of Assistive Technology designed to enable independence of people suffering from Dementia (ATD)van den Heuvel, EA; Jowitt, F; McIntyre, A
22-Nov-2013The influence of a bicycle commuter's appearance on drivers' overtaking proximities: An on-road test of bicyclist stereotypes, high-visibility clothing and safety aids in the United KingdomWalker, I; Garrard, I; Jowitt, F
2013Robustness analysis of a smart surgical drill for cochleostomyDu, X; Assadi, MZ; Jowitt, F; Brett, PN; Henshaw, S; Dalton, J; Proops, DW; Coulson, CJ; Reid, AP
2012Tackling ageing continence through theory, tools & technology (TACT3)Bichard, J-A; van den Heuvel, EA; Jowitt, F; Gilhooly, M; Parker, SG; Long, A; Ratcliffe, NM; McKee, KJ; Gaydecki, P
2011Urinary incontinence: A vibration alert system for detecting pad overflowFernandes, B; Gaydecki, P; Jowitt, F; van den Heuvel, E