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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Absolutely free extrinsic evolution of passive low-pass filterSapargaliyev, Y; Kalganova, T
29-Jun-2020Accelerating supply chains with Ant Colony Optimization across a range of hardware solutionsDzalbs, I; Kalganova, T
2014Adopting multiview pixel mapping for enhancing quality of holoscopic 3D scene in parallax barriers based holoscopic 3D displaysSwash, MR; Abdulfatah, O; Alazawi, E; Kalganova, T; Cosmas, J
2005Analysis of genotype size for an evolvable hardware systemStomeo, E; Kalganova, T; Lambert, C
2009Ant colony optimization based simulation of 3d automatic hose/pipe routingThantulage, Gishantha I F
2018Artificial Intelligence International ConferenceKalganova, T; Mukhtar, M
2003Assembling strategies in extrinsic evolvable hardware with bi-directional incremental evolutionBaradavka, I; Kalganova, T
3-Feb-2022Attributed-Based Label Propagation Method for Balanced Modularity and Homogeneity Community DetectionMoosa, J; Awad, W; Kalganova, T
2011Automatic design of analogue circuitsSapargaliyev, Yerbol
2006Automation of electro-hydraulic routing design using hybrid artificially-Intelligent techniquesKalganova, T; Shackleton, JP; Fan, OQ
2000Bidirectional incremental evolution in extrinsic evolvable hardwareKalganova, T
2020A Branching and Merging Convolutional Network with Homogeneous Filter CapsulesKalganova, T; Byerly, A; Dear, I
2006Chose the right mutation rate for better evolve combinational logic circuitsStomeo, E; Kalganova, T; Lambert, C
1999Circuit layout evolution: An evolvable hardware approachKalganova, T; Miller, JF
1999Circuit layout evolution: An evolvable hardware approachKalganova, T; Miller, J F
8-Feb-2022Class Density and Dataset Quality in High-Dimensional, Unstructured DataByerly, A; Kalganova, T
1997Combinational multiple-valued circuit design by generalised disjunctive decompositionKalganova, T
31-Dec-2021Comparative performance assessment of methods for operational modal analysis during transient order excitationSternharz, G; Kalganova, T; Mares, C; Meyeringh, M
2014Composite goal methods for transportation network optimizationVeluscek, M; Kalganova, T; Broomhead, P; Grichnik, A
2004Computational intelligence techniques in asset risk analysisSerguieva, Antoaneta