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24-Apr-2017Altered Adipogenesis in Zebrafish Larvae Following High Fat Diet and Chemical Exposure Is Visualised by Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscopy.den Broeder, MJ; Moester, MJB; Kamstra, JH; Cenijn, PH; Davidoiu, V; Kamminga, LM; Ariese, F; de Boer, JF; Legler, J
12-Apr-2017Differential DNA methylation at conserved non-genic elements and evidence for transgenerational inheritance following developmental exposure to mono(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate and 5-azacytidine in zebrafishLegler, J; Kamstra, JH; Bastos Sales, L; Aleström, P
14-May-2020The goliath project: Towards an internationally harmonised approach for testing metabolism disrupting compoundsLegler, J; Zalko, D; Jourdan, F; Jacobs, M; Fromenty, B; Balaguer, P; Bourguet, W; Kos, VM; Nadal, A; Beausoleil, C; Cristobal, S; Remy, S; Ermler, S; Margiotta-Casaluci, L; Griffin, JL; Blumberg, B; Chesné, C; Hoffmann, S; Andersson, PL; Kamstra, JH
2014Transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms underlying enhanced in vitro adipocyte differentiation by the brominated flame retardant BDE-47Kamstra, JH; Hruba, E; Blumberg, B; Janesick, A; Mandrup, S; Hamers, T; Legler, J