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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Essays on equity valuation and accounting conservatism for insurance companiesHaboub, Ahmad
2016Examining the relationship between trading volume, market return volatility and U.S. aggregate mutual fund flowOmran, Hayan
2014Financial development, political instability and growth: evidence for Brazil since 1870Zhang, Jihui
2017Firm’s value, financing constraints and dividend policy in relation to firm’s political connectionsAlsaraireh, Ahmad
2017Five essays in applied economic theory and times series econometrics with applications to accounting and economicsDafnos, Stavros
2016Inflation convergence in the EMUKaranasos, M; Koutroumpis, P; Karavias, Y; Kartsaklas, A; Arakelian, V
2007Is the relationship between inflation and its uncertainty linear?Karanasos, M; Schurer, S
2016Modelling inflation, output growth and their uncertaintiesAlliwa, Maher
2014Modelling stock volatilities during financial crises: A time varying coefficient approachMenla Ali, F; Karanasos, M; Paraskevopoulos, AG; Karoglou, M; Yfanti, S
2017Modelling Time Varying Volatility Spillovers and Conditional Correlations Across Commodity Metal FuturesKaranasos, M; Menla Ali, F; Margaronis, Z
2015Multivariate FIAPARCH modelling of financial markets with dynamic correlations in times of crisisKaranasos, M; Yfanti, S; Karoglou, M
2010Negative volatility spillovers in the unrestricted ECCC-GARCH modelConrad, C; Karanasos, M
2014Non oil exports finance and economic development in Saudi ArabiaAlsakran, Abdullah
2014Non-linear time series models with applications to financial dataYfanti, Stavroula
2015On the transmission of memory in GARCH-in-mean modelsConrad, C; Karanasos, M
2016Research on futures-commodities, macroeconomic volatility and financial developmentKoutroumpis, Panagiotis
2016The significance of mapping data sets when considering commodity time series and their use in algorithmically-traded portfoliosMargaronis, Zannis N. P.