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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jan-2020The bank capital-competition-risk nexus – a global perspectiveDavis, EP; Karim, D; Noel, D
Jan-2019The bank capital-competition-risk nexus; a global perspectiveDavis, EP; Karim, D; Noel, D
1-May-2020Bank capital: Excess credit and crisis incidenceBarrell, R; Karim, D
2022Bank earnings and capital management and early warning systems: evidence from OCED countriesLai, Yuli
2009Bank regulation, property prices and early warning systems for banking crises in OECD countriesBarrell, R; Davis, EP; Karim, D; Liadze, I
2021Banking crises, competition, and financial stability: evidence from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)Awadallah, Diyama Khaled
2010Banking crisis in Asia and Latin America – A single pattern for emerging market economies?Davis, EP; Karim, D; Liadze, I
2007Comparing early warning systems for banking crisesDavis, EP; Karim, D
2014Competitive disadvantageDavis, EP; Karim, D
2008Could early warning systems have helped to predict the sub prime crisis?Davis, EP; Karim, D
2016Determinants of bank net interest margin: does monetary union membership matter?Yeboah, Eric Adjei
Sep-2020Early Warning Systems for Banking Crises – Research Advances and Policy UtilisationDavis, E; Karim, D
30-Mar-2020The effect of macroprudential policy on banks' profitabilityDavis, EP; Karim, D; Noel, D
29-Nov-2021The Effects of Macroprudential Policy on Banks' ProfitabilityDavis, EP; Karim, D; Noel, D
2019The evolution and effectiveness of macroprudential policyDennison Adrian, Noel
25-Mar-2018Exploring Short- and Long-Run Links from Bank Competition to RiskDavis, EP; Karim, D
2010Financial development and economic growth in Africa: an examination of causation and efficiencyOluitan, Roseline
2013Financial liberalization and capital adequacy in models of financial crisesBarrell, R; Karim, D; Ventouri, A
2011How idiosyncratic are banking crises in OECD countries?Barrell, R; Philip Davis, E; Karim, D; Liadze, I
9-Sep-2016Interest Rate Liberalization and Capital Adequacy in Models of Financial CrisesKarim, D; ventouri, A; barrell, R