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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A data-driven agent based simulation platform for early health economics device evaluationBell, D; Kashefi, A; Saleh, N; Turchi, T
2012The influences of employees' emotions and cognition on IT adoption: Some perspectives from IranKashefi, A; Abbott, P
2018Investigating Users’ IT Adaptation Behaviors: A Case of a Computerized Work SystemKashefi, A; Nuhu, K; Abbott, P; Ayoung, D; Alwzinani, F
2018Process Workflow in Crowd-sourced Digital Disaster ResponsesAbdulhamid, N; Perry, M; Kashefi, A
2018User requirements for national research and education networks for research in West and Central AfricaKashefi, A; JE Taylor, S; Abbott, P; Anagnostou, A; M Tessa, O; Oaiya, O; Barry, B; Alline, D