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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Automating the determination of wave speed using the pu-loop methodSwalen, MJP; Khir, AW
8-Apr-2019Carotid artery wave intensity in mid- to late-life predicts cognitive decline: the Whitehall II studyChiesa, ST; Masi, S; Shipley, MJ; Ellins, EA; Fraser, AG; Hughes, AD; Patel, RS; Khir, AW; Halcox, JP; Singh-Manoux, A; Kivimaki, M; Celermajer, DS; Deanfield, JE
2016Changes in non-invasive wave intensity parameters with variations of Savitzky-Golay filter settingsPomella, N; Rakobowchuk, M; Kolyva, C; Khir, AW
2017Common carotid artery diameter, blood flow velocity and wave intensity responses at rest and during exercise in young healthy humans – A reproducibility studyPomella, N; Wilhelm, EN; Kolyva, C; González-Alonso, J; Rakobowchuk, M; Khir, AW
2007Determination of wave intensity in flexible tubes using measured diameter and velocityFeng, J; Khir, AW
2009Determination of wave speed and distensibility of flexible tubes using diameter and velocityLi, Y; Khir, AW
2009Discerning aortic waves during intra-aortic balloon pumping and their relation to benefits of counterpulsation in humansKolyva, C; Pantalos, GM; Giridharan, GA; Pepper, JR; Khir, AW
2015Does conventional intra-aortic balloon pump trigger timing produce optimal hemodynamic effects in vivo?Kolyva, C; Pantalos, GM; Pepper, JR; Khir, AW
2010How much of the intraaortic balloon volume is displaced toward the coronary circulation?Kolyva, C; Pantalos, GM; Pepper, JR; Khir, AW
2020Impact of Varying Diastolic Pressure Fitting Technique for the Reservoir-Wave model on Wave Intensity AnalysisKhir, AW
4-Jun-2018The matrix proteins aggrecan and fibulin-1 play a key role in determining aortic stiffnessYasmin; Maskari, RA; McEniery, CM; Cleary, SE; Li, Y; Siew, K; Figg, NL; Khir, AW; Cockcroft, JR; Wilkinson, IB; O'Shaughnessy, KM
2015Measurements of intra-aortic balloon wall movement during inflation and deflation: Effects of angulation.Bruti, G; Kolyva, C; Pepper, JR; Khir, AW
5-Nov-2020Mechanisms of Aortic Flow Deceleration And The Effect of Wave Reflection On Left Ventricular FunctionPark, CM; Hughes, AD; Henein, MY; Khir, AW
26-Nov-2018A method for determining local pulse wave velocity in human ascending aorta from sequential ultrasound measurements of diameter and velocityNegoita, M; Hughes, AD; Parker, KH; Khir, AW
2011Multi-scale interaction of particulate flow and the artery wallHalliday, I; Atherton, M; Care, CM; Collins, MW; Evans, D; Evans, PC; Hose, DR; Khir, AW; König, CS; Krams, R; Lawford, PV; Lishchuk, SV; Pontrelli, G; Ridger, V; Spencer, TJ; Ventikos, Y; Walker, DC; Watton, PN
2005A new approach to investigate wave dissipation in viscoelastic tubes: Application of wave intensity analysisFeng, J; Khir, AW
2016Newly shaped intra-aortic balloons improve the performance of counterpulsation at the semirecumbent position: An in vitro studyKolyva, C; Pepper, JR; Khir, AW
2017Non-invasive technique for determining local pulse wave velocity in humans ascending aortaNegoita, M; Hughes, AD; Parker, KH; Khir, AW
2018Noninvasive Assessment of the Common Carotid Artery Hemodynamics with Increasing Exercise Workrate Using Wave Intensity AnalysisPomella, N; Wilhelm, EN; Kolyva, C; González-Alonso, J; Rakobowchuk, M; Khir, AW
2017A novel method for non-invasively detecting the severity and location of aortic aneurysmsSazonov, I; Khir, AW; Hacham, WS; Boileau, E; Carson, JM; van Loon, R; Ferguson, C; Nithiarasu, P