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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Customer satisfaction from open source software services in the presence of commercially licensed softwareMoon, JO; Lee, H; Kim, JW; Aktas, E; Tsohou, A; Choi, Y
28-Sep-2022Downstream porosity for the reduction of turbulence-aerofoil interaction noisePalleja-Cabre, S; Chaitanya, P; Joseph, P; Kim, JW; Priddin, MJ; Ayton, LJ; Geyer, TF; Chong, TP
1999KWM: Knowledge-based Workflow Model for agile organizationLee, H; Kim, JW; Park, SJ
2009Prediction of protein-protein interaction types using association rule based classificationPark, SH; Reyes, JA; Gilbert, D; Kim, JW; Kim, S