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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Cheaper faster drug development validated by the repositioning of drugs against neglected tropical diseasesWilliams, K; Bilsland, E; Sparkes, A; Aubrey, W; Young, M; Soldatova, LN; De Grave, K; Ramon, J; De Clare, M; Sirawaraporn, W; Oliver, SG; King, RD
16-Aug-2019Closed-loop cycles of experiment design, execution, and learning accelerate systems biology model development in yeastCoutant, A; Roper, K; Trejo-Banos, D; Bouthinon, D; Carpenter, M; Grzebyta, J; Santini, G; Soldano, H; Elati, M; Ramon, J; Rouveirol, C; Soldatova, LN; King, RD
2008The EXACT description of biomedical protocolsSoldatova, LN; Aubrey, W; King, RD; Clare, A
2014EXACT2: the semantics of biomedical protocolsSoldatova, LN; Nadis, D; King, RD; Basu, PS; Haddi, E; Baumlé, V; Saunders, NJ; Marwan, W; Rudkin, BB
22-Dec-2017Meta-QSAR: a large-scale application of meta-learning to drug design and discoveryOlier, I; Sadawi, N; Bickerton, GR; Vanschoren, J; Grosan, C; Soldatova, L; King, RD
2011On the formalization and reuse of scientific researchKing, RD; Liakata, M; Lu, C; Oliver, SG; Soldatova, LN
2013Representation of probabilistic scientific knowledgeSoldatova, LN; Rzhetsky, A; De Grave, K; King, RD