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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jun-2022An Experimental Analysis to Determine the Load-Bearing Capacity of 3D Printed MetalsKogo, B; Xu, C; Wang, B; Chizari, M; Kashyzadeh, KR; Ghorbani, S
3-Jul-2019Experimental and Numerical Modelling of Metal Rings Subjected to Fixed-End Crush Loading, and Comparisons with Hollow SpheresFarr, M; Kogo, B; Wang, B; Chizari, M
2018Experimental and Numerical Simulation of Girth Welded Joints of Dissimilar Metals in Clad PipesKogo, B; Wang, B; Wrobel, L; Chizari, M
2018Study on the wear resistance of laser cladding iron-base alloy by heat treatmentGuo, W; Zhang, L; Xu, C; Chai, R; Gao, Z; Kogo, B; Chizari, M; Zhang, C; Wang, B