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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Age-related differences in adaptation during childhood: The influences of muscular power production and segmental energy flow caused by musclesKorff, T; Jensen, J
29-Jun-2021Associations Between Children’s Physical Activity, Pain and Injuriesde Aguiar Greca, JP; Korff, T; Ryan, J
2019Biomechanical evaluation of walking and cycling in childrenGreca, JPdA; Ryan, J; Baltzopoulos, V; Korff, T
2015A distributive approach to tactile sensing for application to human movementMikov, Mikov
2013Does acute passive stretching increase muscle length in children with cerebral palsy?Theis, N; Korff, T; Kairon, H; Mohagheghi, AA
2015Does long-term passive stretching alter muscle-tendon unit mechanics in children with spastic cerebral palsy?Theis, N; Korff, T; Mohagheghi, AA
2011Effect of "Pose" cycling on efficiency and pedaling mechanicsKorff, T; Fletcher, G; Brown, D; Romer, LM
2011The effects of age- and training-related changes in tendon stiffness on muscular force production and neuro-motor control during childhoodWaugh, Charlotte
2013An examination of muscle and tendon properties in children with spastic cerebral palsy and their response to stretch: a theoretical basis for evidence-based clinical practiceTheis, Nicola
3-May-2023The feasibility of cycling as a form of active commuting among children from a parental perspective: a qualitative studyde Aguiar Greca, JP; Korff, T; Ryan, J
2013Interactive effects of joint angle, contraction state and method on estimates of achilles tendon moment armsFath, F; Blazevich, AJ; Waugh, CM; Miller, SC; Korff, T
2009Joint-dependence of strength and power in children and adultsDenis, Romain
2017Maximising ball release speed in overhead throwing through optimising arm segment massesFasbender, Patrick
Sep-2016Mechanical and material properties of the plantarflexor muscles and Achilles tendon in children with spastic cerebral palsy and typically developing childrenTheis, N; Mohagheghi, AA; Korff, T
2014Mechanical factors affecting the estimation of tibialis anterior force using an EMG-driven modelling approachMiller, Stuart Charles
2014Mechanical muscle properties and intermuscular coordination in maximal and submaximal cycling: theoretical and practical implicationsBarratt, Paul
2012Methodological and anatomical modifiers of Achilles tendon moment arm estimates implications for biomechanical modelling: Implications for biomechanical modellingFath, Florian
2009Muscular and non-muscular contributions to maximum power cycling in children and adults: implications for developmental motor controlKorff, T; Hunter, EL; Martin, JC
20-Oct-2016Predicting bicycle setup for children based on anthropometrics and comfortGrainger, K; Dodson, Z; Korff, T
3-Jun-2019Predictors of Walking Efficiency in Children With Cerebral Palsy: Lower-Body Joint Angles, Moments, and PowerNoorkoiv, M; Lavelle, G; Theis, N; Korff, T; Kilbride, C; Baltzopoulos, V; Shortland, A; Levin, W; Ryan, J