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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The Board of Directors in Greek Football Clubs: 2005-2014Koufopoulos, D; Nastos, G
2017Board of directors’ dynamics, board effectiveness and organisational performance: the case of Nordic regionPastra, Aspasia S.
2017Board structure and organisational performance - an empirical study in the country of PakistanTabassum, Naeem
2014Boards in Greek maritime listed companies: Findings from the fifth annual researchKoufopoulos, D; Pastra, A
2011e-Government awareness among the techno-disadvantaged in the United StatesWard, BT; Connolly, R; Hackney, R
2019Enterprise risk management: development of strategic ERM alignment framework for oil and gas industry in KuwaitAlajmi, Mishal
2014An examination of board director’s roles and the impact of the external environment and board characteristicsGkliatis, Ioannis P
2020Explicating the inter-relationship of Entrepreneurial Orientation, Environmental Dynamism and Dynamic Capabilities on Competitive Advantage of Small- and Medium-sized firms in an emerging market contextDesai, Khyati
2013Information systems' effectiveness and organisational performanceArgyropoulou, Maria
2012Key determinants of effective board of directors - evidence from NigeriaOgbechie, Christopher Ike
2010Knowledge management: Exploring the relationship between human capital and organisation structure capitalAl-Halak, A; Al-Karaghouli, W; Ghoneim, A; Koufopoulos, D
2019“Managing for the future strategies”: A lesson for a chaotic world, comparing ‘anti-fragile’ entrepreneurs and ‘strategic’ managers in IranRezvani, Arash
2017Nascent entrepreneurial capital and Its impact on new venture creationAlomani, Abeer
2017Power source drivers and performance outcomes of functional and dysfunctional conflict in exporter–importer relationshipsPfajfar, G; Shoham, A; Makovec Brenčič, M; Koufopoulos, D; Katsikeas, CS; Mitręga, M