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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Applying strategic design as a holistic approach to investigate and address real world challengesLam, B
2015Better Service Design for Greater Civic EngagementLam, B; Chen, YP; Whittle, J; Binner, J; Lawlor-Wright, T
1-Aug-2018Co-design for the development of new knowledge and practices in not-for-profit organisationsLam, B; Pitsaki, I
Aug-2020Co-design visions of public makerspaces in chinaLam, B; Choi, Y; Chen, X; De Sousa, S; Liu, L; Ni, M
3-Apr-2022Co-Design Visions of Public Makerspaces in ChinaChoi, Y; Lam, B; Chen, X; de Sousa, S; Liu, L; Ni, M
2024A Comparison of design interventions in social enterprise ecosystems in the UK and South KoreaKwon, H; Choi, Y; Lam, B
2010A conceptual model for city branding based on semioticsYoon, Jiyoung
2023Creating a 4D printing toolkit by comparing the printing parameters of print patterns and infill densityNam, Seokwoo
6-Sep-2017Creating a Tool for Measuring the Social Value of DesignNa, J; Choi, Y; Walters, A; Lam, B; Green, S
22-May-2018Design and Creative Methods as a Practice of Liminality in Community-Academic Research ProjectsLam, B; Phillips, M; Kelemen, M; Zamenopoulos, T; Moffat, S; de Sousa, S
25-Jun-2018The design and social enterprise ecosystem: How can design be applied to a developing social enterprise ecosystem?Kwon, H; Choi, Y; Lam, B
2-Aug-2021Design for social enterprises: A comparative case study of design support programmes in the United Kingdom and South KoreaKwon, H; Choi, Y; Lam, B
2022Design for social enterprises: a study of design-innovation ecosystem development framework for social enterprisesKwon, Hyejin
2023Design for social enterprises: How to form a design–innovation ecosystem for social enterprisesKwon, H; Choi, Y; Lam, B; Garaj, V
29-Jun-2018Design for Social Value: Using design to improve the impact of CSRChoi, Y; Na, J; Lam, B; Walters, A; Boult, J; Jordan, P; Green, S
2010Design standards for product end-of-life processingPlant, AVC; Harrison, DJ; Griffiths, BJ; Lam, B
2014Design tool for applying Islamic art in commercial brandsSilsilah, Hadeel
2016Design-led future forecasting model for mobile communicationsFreixieiro Gomes de Mello, Rafael
2015Elevating the perception of the strategic use of design for an airline through the design management conceptual framework (DMCF)Shams, Maha
2017Emerging Trends in Design Management Education in the UKLam, B; Choi, Y