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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Does implied community size predict likeability of a similar stranger?Launay, J; Dunbar, RIM
2014Dysrhythmia: A specific congenital rhythm perception deficitLaunay, J; Grube, M; Stewart, L
2016Functional benefits of (modest) alcohol consumptionDunbar, RIM; Launay, J; Wlodarski, R; Robertson, C; Pearce, E; Carney, J; MacCarron, P
2015The ice-breaker effect: Singing mediates fast social bondingPearce, E; Launay, J; Dunbar, RIM
20-Jul-2018Increased Wellbeing from Social Interaction in a Secular CongregationPrice, M; Launay, J
2016Is Group Singing Special? Health, Well-Being and Social Bonds in Community-Based Adult Education Classes Group singing, well-being and social bondsPearce, E; Launay, J; Machin, A; Dunbar, RIM
5-Apr-2016Joint attention, shared goals and social bondingWolf, W; Launay, J; Dunbar, RIM
2016Life course similarities on social networking sitesDávid-Barrett, T; Behncke Izquierdo, I; Carney, J; Nowak, K; Launay, J; Rotkirch, A
2014Music and social bonding: 'Self-other' merging and neurohormonal mechanismsTarr, B; Launay, J; Dunbar, RIM
2015Musical sounds, motor resonance, and detectable agencyLaunay, J
2017Naltrexone Blocks Endorphins Released when Dancing in SynchronyTarr, B; Launay, J; Benson, C; Dunbar, RIM
2015Playing with strangers: Which shared traits attract us most to new people?Launay, J; Dunbar, RIM
7-Jul-2020Signals through music and dance: Perceived social bonds and formidability on collective movementLee, H; Launay, J; Stewart, L
2016Silent disco: dancing in synchrony leads to elevated pain thresholds and social closenessTarr, B; Launay, J; Dunbar, RIM
2016Singing and social bonding: Changes in connectivity and pain threshold as a function of group sizeWeinstein, D; Launay, J; Pearce, E; Dunbar, RIM; Stewart, L
2015Synchrony and exertion during dance independently raise pain threshold and encourage social bondingTarr, B; Launay, J; Cohen, E; Dunbar, R
2016Synchrony as an adaptive mechanism for large-scale human social bondingLaunay, J; Tarr, B; Dunbar, RIM
2016Tuning in to others: Exploring relational and collective bonding in singing and non-singing groups over timePearce, E; Mac Carron, P; Launay, J; Dunbar, RIM