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10-Apr-2019Cohort Profile: The DynaHEALTH consortium - A European consortium for a life-course bio-psychosocial model of healthy ageing of glucose homeostasisSebert, S; Lowry, E; Aumüller, N; Bermúdez, MG; Bjerregaard, LG; De Rooij, SR; De Silva, M; El Marroun, H; Hummel, N; Juola, T; Mason, G; Much, D; Oliveros, E; Poupakis, S; Rautio, N; Schwarzfischer, P; Tzala, E; Uhl, O; Van De Beek, C; Vehmeijer, F; Verdejo-Román, J; Wasenius, N; Webster, C; Ala-Mursula, L; Herzig, KH; Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi, S; Miettunen, J; Baker, JL; Campoy, C; Conti, G; Eriksson, JG; Hummel, S; Jaddoe, V; Koletzko, B; Lewin, A; Rodriguez-Palermo, M; Roseboom, T; Rueda, R; Evans, J; Felix, JF; Prokopenko, I; Sørensen, TIA; Järvelin, MR
2015A comparative study of RNA-seq analysis strategiesJänes, J; Hu, F; Lewin, A; Turro, E
25-Apr-2019The criterion validity of willingness to pay methods: A systematic review and meta-analysis of the evidenceKanya, L; Sanghera, S; Lewin, A; Fox-Rushby, J
19-Dec-2018The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a complex community sport intervention to increase physical activity: An interrupted time series designAnokye, N; Mansfield, L; Kay, T; Sanghera, S; Lewin, A; Fox-Rushby, J
2016Free serum haemoglobin is associated with brain atrophy in secondary progressive multiple sclerosisLewin, A
2011Haplotype and isoform specific expression estimation using multi-mapping RNA-seq readsTurro, E; Su, SY; Gonçalves, A; Coin, LJM; Richardson, S; Lewin, A
2009MMBGX: A method for estimating expression at the isoform level and detecting differential splicing using whole-transcript Affymetrix arraysTurro, E; Lewin, A; Rose, A; Dallman, MJ; Richardson, S
2016MT-HESS: An efficient Bayesian approach for simultaneous association detection in OMICS datasets, with application to eQTL mapping in multiple tissuesLewin, A; Saadi, H; Peters, JE; Moreno-Moral, A; Lee, JC; Smith, KGC; Petretto, E; Bottolo, L; Richardson, S
2015A novel common variant in DCST2 is associated with length in early life and height in adulthood.van der Valk, RJ; Kreiner-Møller, E; Kooijman, MN; Guxens, M; Stergiakouli, E; Sääf, A; Bradfield, JP; Geller, F; Hayes, MG; Cousminer, DL; Körner, A; Melbye, M; Early Genetics and Lifecourse Epidemiology (EAGLE) Consortium; van Duijn, CM; Medina-Gomez, C; Hofman, A; de Jongste, JC; Taal, HR; Uitterlinden, AG; Genetic Investigation of ANthropometric Traits (GIANT) Consortium; Armstrong, LL; Murray, CS; Eriksson, J; Palotie, A; Bustamante, M; Estivill, X; Gonzalez, JR; Llop, S; Kiess, W; Mahajan, A; Flexeder, C; Tiesler, CM; Simpson, A; Magnus, P; Sengpiel, V; Hartikainen, AL; Keinanen-Kiukaanniemi, S; Lewin, A; Da Silva Couto Alves, A; Blakemore, AI; Buxton, JL; Lyytikäinen, LP; Kaakinen, M; Rodriguez, A; Sebert, S; Vaarasmaki, M; Lakka, T; Lindi, V; Gehring, U; Postma, DS; Ang, W; Newnham, JP; Pahkala, K; Raitakari, OT; Panoutsopoulou, K; Zeggini, E; Boomsma, DI; Groen-Blokhuis, M; Ilonen, J; Franke, L; Hirschhorn, JN; Lowe, WL; Pers, TH; Liang, L; Huang, J; Hocher, B; Knip, M; Saw, SM; Holloway, JW; Melén, E; Grant, SF; Feenstra, B; Widén, E; Sergeyev, E; Grallert, H; Custovic, A; Jacobsson, B; Jarvelin, MR; Atalay, M; Koppelman, GH; Pennell, CE; Thiering, E; Niinikoski, H; Dedoussis, GV; Mccarthy, MI; Frayling, TM; Sunyer, J; Timpson, NJ; Rivadeneira, F; Bønnelykke, K; Jaddoe, VW; Early Growth Genetics (EGG) Consortium; Curtin, JA; Myhre, R; Huikari, V; Joro, R; Kerkhof, M; Warrington, NM; Pitkänen, N; Ntalla, I; Horikoshi, M; Veijola, R; Freathy, RM; Teo, YY; Barton, SJ; Evans, DM; Kemp, JP; St Pourcain, B; Ring, SM; Davey Smith, G; Bergström, A; Kull, I; Hakonarson, H; Mentch, FD; Bisgaard, H; Chawes, B; Stokholm, J; Waage, J; Eriksen, P; Sevelsted, A
2016Optimal whitening and decorrelationKessey, A; Lewin, A; Strimmer, K
17-Aug-2018Understanding the complexity of glycaemic health: systematic bio-psychosocial modelling of fasting glucose in middle-age adults; a DynaHEALTH studyLowry, E; Rautio, N; Karhunen, V; Miettunen, J; Ala-Mursula, L; Auvinen, J; Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi, S; Puukka, K; Prokopenko, I; Herzig, KH; Lewin, A; Sebert, S; Järvelin, MR
19-Nov-2018Using a Bayesian approach and external validation to predict persistent asthma at the age of 10 and 20 years in general and high-risk populationsColicino, S; Minelli, C; Lewin, A; Turner, S; Simpson, A; Arshad, H; Roberts, G; Henderson, J; Custovic, A; Cullinan, P