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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Body politics: a critical analysis of the sexualisation of popular culture and the rise of lads’ magsTippett, Anna
2016Comedy Matters: On the Impact of ComedyLockyer, S
2010Dynamics of social class contempt in contemporary British television comedyLockyer, S
1-Jun-2015An Extra Slice of Jo BrandLockyer, S
27-Nov-2015From Comedy Targets to Comedy-Makers: Disability and Comedy in Live PerformanceLockyer, S
2011From toothpick legs to dropping vaginas: Gender and sexuality in Joan Rivers' stand-up comedy performanceLockyer, S
1-Jan-2016'I Like the Metamorphosis of the Characters': Dynamics of Transnational Television Comedy EngagementLockyer, S; Popa, D
19-Feb-2019Introduction: Special Issue dedicated to Christie DaviesLaineste, L; Lockyer, S
1-Oct-2015‘It’s Really Scared of Disability’: Disabled Comedians’ Perspectives of the British Television Comedy IndustryLockyer, S
20-May-2021On the importance of the dynamics of humour and comedy for constructionism and reflexivity in social science research methodologyLockyer, S; Weaver, S
20-Jun-2015Performance, Expectation, Interaction and Intimacy: On the Opportunities and Limitations of Arena Stand-up Comedy for Comedians and AudiencesLockyer, S
2-Apr-2023Performing pregnancy: Comic content, critique and ambivalence in pregnant stand-up comedyLockyer, S; De Benedictis, S
13-Feb-2019Rape Jokes Aren’t Funny: The Mainstreaming of Rape Jokes in Contemporary Newspaper DiscourseLockyer, S; Savigny, H
2017Re-Building a nation-state: Iraq’s reconstruction after SaddamAl-Abadi, Ghalib
2019The role of humour in the evolution of hominid cognition and the emergence of languageNewmarch Molineux, Christopher Nicholas David
2009"The sickest television show ever:" Paedogeddon and the British pressLockyer, S; Attwood, F
2020Women, comedy and liberation: an analysis of representations of second-wave feminism in the American sitcom genre, 1970-2000Kypker, Nicole S.
2021Yes! And… Between freedom and constraints in improvisational comedyTitus, Jaice Sara