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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Analysis of local hemodynamics in central and peripheral arteriesBorlotti, Alessandra
2020Arterial tree taper and bifurcations: implications on wave reflection and pressure at the aortic root using a one-dimensional computational modelAbdullateef, Shima
2010Carotid plaque stress analysis by fluid structure interaction based on in-vivo MRI: Implications to plaque vulnerability assessmentGao, Hao
2012Carotid plaque vulnerability assessment by microscopic morphology analysis, ultrasound and 3D model reconstructionChoudhury, Ahsan
2014Computational modelling of emboli travel trajectories in cerebral arteries: Influence of microembolic particle size and densityFabbri, D; Long, Q; Das, S; Pinelli, M
29-Jul-2019Inconsistency in aortic stenosis severity between CT and echocardiography: Prevalence and insights into mechanistic differences using computational fluid dynamicsMittal, TK; Reichmuth, L; Bhattacharyya, S; Jain, M; Baltabaeva, A; Rahman Haley, S; Mirsadraee, S; Panoulas, V; Kabir, T; Nicol, ED; Dalby, M; Long, Q
2016Mathematical Modelling of a Brain Tumour Initiation and Early Development: A Coupled Model of Glioblastoma Growth, Pre-Existing Vessel Co-Option, Angiogenesis and Blood PerfusionCai, Y; Wu, J; Li, Z; Long, Q
2009Modelling wall shear stress in small arteries using LBM and FVMPontrelli, G; König, CS; Collins, MW; Long, Q; Succi, S; 2nd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2009)
2011Numerical simulation of solid tumor blood perfusion and drug delivery during the “vascular normalization window” with antiangiogenic therapyLv, J; Cao, J; Cai, Y; Zhou, Y; Long, Q; Yao, W; Xu, S
2021On the quantification of arterial wall mechanical properties using invasive and non-invasive experimental investigations and analytical techniquesGiudici, Alessandro
2011Propagation and reflection of pulse waves in flexible tubes and relation to wall propertiesLi, Ye
1-Dec-2008Simulation of 3D solid tumour angiogenesis including arteriole, capillary and venuleWu, J; Long, Q; Xu, S; Padhani, AR; Jiang, Y