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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001An asset and liability management model incorporating uncertaintyPappas, George S
1987Computer assisted mathematical programmingLucas, CA; Mitra, G
1984Computer assisted modelling of linear, integer and separable programming problemsDarby-Dowman, K; Lucas, CA; Mitra, G
2004A decision model for natural oil buying policy under uncertaintyPoojari, CA; Lucas, CA; Mitra, G
2011Design and architecture of a stochastic programming modelling systemValente, Christian
2010Integrating the fleet assignment model with uncertain demandAhmed, Anwar Hood
1993Introducing new constructs for data modelling and column generation in LP modelling languagesLucas, CA; Mitra, G; Moody, S; Kristjansson, B
1986Linear, integer separable and fuzzy programming problems: a united approach towards automatic reformulationDarby-Dowman, K; Lucas, CA; Yadegar, J; Mitra, G
1983Modelling of mathematical programs: An analysis of strategy and an outline description of a computer assisted systemLucas, CA; Mitra, G
2011Models, methods and algorithms for supply chain planningChippington Derrick, Deborah
2011On a batch arrival queuing system equipped with a stand-by server during vacation periods or the repairs times of the main serverKhalaf, RF; Madan, KC; Lucas, CA
2012On some queueing systems with server vacations, extended vacations, breakdowns, delayed repairs and stand-bysKhalaf, Rehab
2011Portfolio optimisation with transaction costWoodside-Oriakhi, Maria
2016Prospect theory-based portfolio optimisation: An empirical study and analysis using intelligent algorithmsGrishina, N; Lucas, CA; Date, P
2003A review of portfolio planning: Models and systemsMitra, G; Kyriakis, T; Lucas, CA; Pirbhai, M
1993Sets and indices in linear programming modelling and their integration with relational data modelsKristjansson, B; Lucas, CA; Mitra, G; Moody, S
2011Supply chain network design under uncertainty and riskHollmann, Dominik
1992Tools for reformulating logical forms into zero-one mixed integer programs (MIPS)Lucas, CA; Mitra, G; Moody, S
2005Treasury Management Model with Foreign Exchange ExposureVolosov, K; Mitra, G; Spagnolo, F; Lucas, CA