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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jun-2022Caching and UAV Friendly Jamming for Secure Communications With Active Eavesdropping AttacksZhou, Y; Yeoh, PL; Pan, C; Wang, K; Ma, Z; Vucetic, B; Li, Y
2016High-performance predictor for critical unstable generators based on scalable parallelized neural networksLiu, Y; Liu, Y; Liu, J; Li, M; Ma, Z; Taylor, G
7-Feb-2023Joint Optimization for Cooperative Computing Framework in Double-IRS-Aided MEC SystemsZhou, Y; Pan, C; Yeoh, PL; Wang, K; Ma, Z; Vucetic, B; Li, Y
11-Dec-2019Tender Tea Shoots Recognition and Positioning for Picking Robot Using Improved YOLO-V3 ModelYang, H; Chen, L; Chen, M; Ma, Z; Deng, F; Li, M; Li, X