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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015The 35S U5 snRNP is generated from the activated spliceosome during In vitro splicingMakarov, E; Makarova, O
11-Feb-2019Full-length human Surfactant Protein A inhibits Influenza A Virus infection of A549 lung epithelial cells: a recombinant form containing neck and lectin domains promotes infectivityAl-Qahtani, A; Murugaiah, V; Bashir, H; Pathan, AA; Abozaid, S; Makarov, E; Nal, B; Kishore, U; Al-Ahdal, MN
2013Genotype and phenotype characterisation of Friedreich ataxia mouse models and cellsAnjomani Virmouni, Sara
1-Dec-2021MYC regulates metabolism through vesicular transfer of glycolytic kinasesTsakaneli, A; Carregari, VC; Morini, M; Eva, A; Cangemi, G; Chayka, O; Makarov, E; Bibbò, S; Capone, E; Sala, G; De Laurenzi, V; Poon, E; Chesler, L; Pieroni, L; Larsen, MR; Palmisano, G; Sala, A
30-Apr-2019Presence and distribution of progerin in HGPS cells is ameliorated by drugs that impact on the mevalonate and mTOR pathwaysClements, C; Bikkul, M; Ofosu, W; Eskiw, C; Tree, D; Makarov, E; Kill, I; Bridger, JM
29-Sep-2017The rare nonsense mutation in p53 triggers alternative splicing to produce a protein capable of inducing apoptosis.Makarov, E; Shtam TA; Kovalev RA; Pantina RA; Varfolomeeva EY; Filatov MV
2018Regulation of glucose metabolism by P21-Activated Kinases (PAKs), Ste20 and Cla4: using the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model organismJoshua, Ifeoluwapo M.
2019The RS4;11 cell line as a model for leukaemia with t(4;11)(q21;q23): revised characterisation of cytogenetic featuresRagusa, D; Makarov, E; Britten, O; Moralli, D; Green, C; Tosi, M
26-Nov-2018Telomere elongation through hTERT immortalization leads to chromosome repositioning in control cells and genomic instability in Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome fibroblasts, expressing a novel SUN1 isoformBikkul, MU; Faragher, RGA; Worthington, G; Meinke, P; Kerr, ARW; Sammy, A; Riyahi, K; Horton, D; Schirmer, EC; Hubank, M; Kill, IR; Anderson, RM; Slijepcevic, P; Makarov, E; Bridger, JM