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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Advances in Applications of Solar Photovoltaics and Thermal Technologies EnergyAhmad, L; Khordehgah, N; Malinauskaite, J; Jouhara, H
4-Mar-2021Circular waste management of electric vehicle batteries: legal and technical perspectives from the EU and the UK post BrexitMalinauskaite, J; Anguilano, L; Schmidt Rivera, X
2022Competition Law and Sustainability in the EU: Modelling the Perspectives of National Competition AuthoritiesMalinauskaite, J; Erdem, F
21-Feb-2022Competition law and sustainability: EU and national perspectivesMalinauskaite, J
2017Consumer protection in the banking sector: the need for reform to protect bank consumers in NigeriaUzokwe, Henry Chilewubeze
2018Contractual justice under English and Shariah law of contract: the case of consumer protectionAlabdulqader, Latifah Abdulmohshen
2014A critical analysis of the European Union's state and policy implementationKamaris, Georgios
2019A critical analysis of the protection of minority shareholders in TurkeyKaya, Meltem Karatepe
2021Digital Antitrust: The Google (Android) Decisions in Russia, Turkey and IndiaMalinauskaite, J; Erdem, FB
2019Energy Efficiency in Industry: EU and national policies in Italy and the UKMalinauskaite, J; Jouhara, H; Ahmad, L; Milani, M; Montorsi, L; Venturelli, M
2020Energy Efficiency in the Industrial sector in the EU, Slovenia, and SpainMalinauskaite, J; Jouhara, H; Egilegor, B; Al-Mansour, F; Ahmad, L; Pusnik, M
2017An evaluation of the performance of competition agencies: the case of Maghreb countriesHamacha, Souheyr Rim
2020The interface between the General Authority for Competition and regulatory agencies in Saudi Arabia: Obstacles & ReformsAlkahtani, Turki Mesfer
2012Merger and acquisition laws in UK, UAE and Qatar: Transferring rights and obligationsAl-Hemyari, Ameen Baggash Abdulhemed
2017Municipal Waste Management and Waste-to-Energy in the Context of a Circular Economy and Energy Recycling in EuropeMalinauskaite, J; Jouhara, H; Czajczyńska, D; Stanchev, P; Katsou, E; Rostkowsk, P; Thorne, RJ; Colón, J; Ponsá, S; Al-Mansour, F; Anguilano, L; Krzyżyńska, R; López, IC; Vlasopoulos, A; Spencer, N
2018The obligation of host states to accord the standard of “full protection and security” to foreign investments under international investment lawOnyeani, Onyema Awa
7-Feb-2021Planned obsolescence in the context of a holistic legal sphereMalinauskaite, J; Erdem, FB
2013Private enforcement of competition law in Lithuania: A story of underdevelopmentMalinauskaite, J
1-Sep-2016Public EU competition law enforcement in small ‘newer’ Member States: addressing the challengesMalinauskaite, J
2019Renewable energy policies in the EUMalinauskaite, J